Grooms Want To Plan The Wedding, Too!

Grooms Want To Plan The Wedding, Too!


We hear more and more these days from brides all about how their grooms are actually involved in the wedding-planning process. Some of them are Groomzillas it sounds like, sure (a strange breed of control-freak groom that we still have trouble getting our heads around)—but most of the time, it’s just that grooms these days actually care about this big important party that signifies the beginning of the rest of their lives. There’s less no-eye-contact, hand-on-the-remote grunting when their brides speak to them, and more actual weighing in with opinions on things like food and music and venue.

We recently read an interview with cofounder Chris Easter (it’s a cool site filled with products dudes would actually want to register for, as well as other engaged-manly content), who feels like guys are more involved these days because couples are getting married a little bit older, and therefore spending more of their own money on their wedding. Your money = you care, pretty much.

And indeed, Philadelphia event planner Karen Pecora says she definitely sees a difference in with today’s guys, and agrees that they’re being more vocal, because more of their funds are involved. For starters, she says that whenever she used to first meet with a couple, that it was only ever the bride and her mom or parents, and now, that it’s the groom every single time. “Sometimes, we wouldn’t even meet the groom until the wedding day,” she says.” Now, there’s never a groom we haven’t met.”

According to Pecora, sounds like dudes still work best with the usual categories—food, beverage, band, honeymoon—but, hey! If you’ve got a dedicated and thorough helper in those areas, it leaves you with a lot more time to chose the most perfect shade of blue hydrangea ever, right?

Ladies: How involved are your grooms? Are you wondering what we’re talking about, since sometimes you wonder if your fiance even remembers there’s a wedding coming up? Or do you sometimes wish he’d actually pipe down when you’re in meetings with the planner? Tell us your stories in the comments!

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