Manage Your Big Day Budget With the Help of These Checklists & Resources



We’ve touched on the topic of wedding budgets many times here on the blog, and for good reason: That magic number will influence every aspect of your Big Day, so it’s important to get your financial ducks in a row before you begin planning.

To help ease you into the process (many couples find all the money talk to be a bit overwhelming), we suggest you take a good look at this roundup of wedding budget resources that are sure to keep you organized from the start.

Take advantage of the budget breakdowns, spreadsheets and checklists provided for you, and use them to record vendor costs and track your spending. When unexpected wedding expenses pop up, it’ll be extremely useful to have your entire budget mapped out in front of you.

Feeling confident that you’re ready to tackle this thing? Awesome. Now go check out all of the resources here.

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