How Much Will You Spend In Taxes On Your Wedding? An Infographic

Obviously, thinking about how much your wedding is going to cost—and even more specifically, breaking it all down piece by piece—is not really the most fun part of your job as a bride-to-be. But also obvious is that it’s necessary—after all, how else are you going to know how much of it you can blow on the dress?

So, since you’ve got to do it anyway, we’re always going to pass along helpful tips and advice on how to do it smartly and in the most pain-free way possible, and that’s why we thought you should see this tricky little infographic that visually breaks down, specifically, the taxes that you’ll be paying on various wedding-related items. Because the thing is, you can’t just add up the cost of your food and alcohol plus the cost of your bridal suite for two days plus the cost of your honeymoon and have your grand total. You’ve got to figure in Uncle Sam. And as you can see, he definitely gets his fair share with this fun little party you’re throwing.

Just something to keep in mind when busting out the calculator and the spreadsheets.

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