Whoa: Cost of the Average Wedding Is Now $30,000



In 2012, it was reported that the average wedding cost around $27,000, and while that figure did go up a bit since then, I usually still saw it rounded to $27,000 whenever the figure was referenced.

Well, that’s changed. And by a lot! New figures show that the average wedding costs are now closer to $30,000.

On one hand, they say (you know, like, experts, and stuff) that this is a good sign, because it shows that the economy is healthy. On the other hand, whoa expensive party.

Not surprisingly, catering costs still account for the largest chunk of a wedding’s final price tag—though what’s interestingly different than a few years ago is that now, numbers show that while couples are actually inviting less guests than they once were, they are upping the ante of the party with extras like photo booths and extravagant rehearsal dinners and morning-after brunches, and, you know, social media concierges. And all those add-ons are equalling even higher price tags than the larger affairs with less bells and whistles once were.

Check out the full break down with all the dollar signs and percentages if you want to gather even more specific context for the wedding that you’re planning on throwing.

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