OMG People, This Is Getting Out of Hand: It Is Now Possible to Hire a “Social Media Concierge” for Your Wedding

Just stop.



I don’t often pass judgements like this, dear brides, because I really, truly, seriously am—both as a regular person when it comes to regular life and as a bridal editor when it comes to weddings—a true believer in to each their own, whatever floats your boat, whatever blows your skirt up, and all that—but this, this I just cannot handle.

Today, Gawker points us to an email sent from W Hotels announcing that they are now offering a “social media concierge” for hire in their NYC locations at the cool price of $3,000, who will perform a variety of duties concerning the proliferation of social media blasts you undoubtedly and absolutely need to produce—via all the channels, obv—concerning your blessed nuptials. 

The services that this includes range from the sorts of things you could do yourself in under 30 seconds (come up with a custom hastag for your wedding, alert your peeps as to what this hastag is and ask them to use it) to the sorts of things you need to do yourself because how on earth would someone who is not you do them (curate a registry and a dream honeymoon Pinterest board)?

You can read the full list of what it includes here, because this makes me tired, and I have to stop typing now.

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