Ask the Expert: How Should We Let Our Guests Know We Don’t Want Our Wedding Pictures Posted on Social Media?



Question: My fiance and I prefer that our guests not post pictures on social media during our wedding, but we aren’t sure of the best way to make this known. Should we include a line in our program or something like that?

The best way to make your guests understand that you’re serious about not wanting pictures posted during your wedding is to make it clear before the wedding happens, says Philadelphia wedding planner Wendy Hartigan, of Wendy’s Affairs of the Heart.

You should convey the information in writing—for instance, post it somewhere on your wedding website—but even more effective is word of mouth. “Tell people at your bridal shower, your bachelorette party. Tell your mom to tell her friends,” she says. “This was a request of two recent brides I worked with, and the both found that word of mouth worked best.”

As long as your wishes are made clear ahead of time, people will be respectful. You’re the bride, after all.

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