12 Ways to Cut Wedding Costs Without Being Tacky



Because we are always on the look out here at PW to share tips that can make your wedding-planning lives a little bit easier, today we’d like to present to you this Martha roundup by way of CNN of all the smart little ways you can, as they say, cut a few corners with class.

Their tips go beyond the ones we often see (suggesting you book on a Friday instead of a Saturday, etc), pointing out, for instance, not just that using in-season flowers is a much more cost-friendly option, but that super-sizing your flower choice (bigger flowers equals less stems, which means less flowers to buy!) can make even more of a bottom-line difference. And it’s tips like this that may just help lead you (and your wedding-budget contributors!) further away from the crazy train and closer to that wedding-planning bliss.

Just repeat after us: No. Cash. Bar.

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