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Ernest Owens

Editor at Large

Ernest Owens is an award-winning journalist and CEO of Ernest Media Empire, LLC. As an openly gay black journalist, he has made headlines for speaking frankly about intersectional issues in society regarding race, LGBTQ, and pop culture.

rochelle bilal sheriff's office sheriff
City Life

The Rochelle Bilal Fiasco Is Everything That’s Wrong With Philly Politics

From the candidate who promised the end of “scandal after scandal after scandal” in the Sheriff’s Office, we get … a scandal in the Sheriff’s Office.

philadelphia networking events
City Life

Confessions of a Philadelphia Serial Networker

I go to 20 Philly networking events a month, and I’ve seen how strong our scene is. But is it losing what once made it so great?

philadelphia networking organizations
City Life

10 Philadelphia Networking Organizations That Have This Town Wired

From a series devoted to LGBTQ professionals to one that’s geared toward new-wave entrepreneurs.

City Life

Kenney Was a Coward in Letting Philly’s Safe Injection Site Fail

When push came to shove for his administration’s Big Idea in addressing the opioid crisis, the Mayor’s failure to use his position of power turned out to be a political and moral disaster.

City Life

Special Elections Are Undemocratic, Wasteful and Downright Stupid

Why yesterday showed us Philly politics at its worst.

drop plan deferred retirement option philadelphia michael nutter
City Life

By Defending Bloomberg on Stop-and-Frisk, Nutter Tarnishes His Legacy and Betrays Philly

The former Philly mayor is on the campaign trail, backing one of the most blatant forms of state-sanctioned racism.

City Life

Don’t Expect Danielle Outlaw to Magically Fix the City for Us

Philly’s new top cop started her job this week as the homicide rate continues to spike. But solving our crime epidemic is more on us than on her.

kenyatta johnson
City Life

Want to Reduce Philly Corruption? End Councilmanic Prerogative.

The real takeaway of the Kenyatta Johnson indictment.

City Life

It’s Totally Human to Mourn Complicated Figures Like Kobe Bryant

He was an all-time NBA great. He was also a man who abused his power long before the #MeToo era. You don’t have to choose between these realities to grieve his untimely death.

City Life

Black People Have Spent Centuries in “Service.” They Should Take Off on MLK Day.

The only federal holiday that even obliquely recognizes what this country has done and continues to do to its Black citizens should be a time for us to observe, reflect, and celebrate — not to perform more free labor.

politics predictions
City Life

10 Bold Predictions for Philly Politics in 2020

Finally, a year when politics as usual … aren’t.

City Life

Exit Interview: City Council Veteran Blondell Reynolds Brown

Having just left Council chambers for the last time, the five-term pol answers all of our final questions — even the one about having dated a particular U.S. Congressman.

City Life

Stop Telling Black People the Mummers Parade Is Racist. Do Something About It.

The most infuriating thing about another year of Mummers in blackface is the predictable outrage from “woke” white people. My response: What are you actually going to do this time?

City Life

Facing Charges, State Rep. Movita Johnson-Harrell Says She Will Resign

“I intend to accept responsibility for any wrongdoings that I have done before I took office,” says the longtime community advocate, who served for less than a year. 

City Life

Philly Dems Should Take Note of the GOP’s Bold Choice for Party Leader

City Republicans just elected 31-year-old state Rep. Martina White as their party chair. What’s it going to take for the Democrats to dislodge Bob Brady, who’s held his party’s role longer than White has been alive?