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Ernest Owens

Editor at Large

Ernest Owens is an award-winning journalist and CEO of Ernest Media Empire, LLC. As an openly gay black journalist, he has made headlines for speaking frankly about intersectional issues in society regarding race, LGBTQ, and pop culture.

City Life

What a College Trip to Israel Taught Me About Racism and Anti-Semitism

Recent controversies involving Black public figures and anti-Semitism show how a lack of intersectionality in combating such bigotry has furthered its vitriol.

black in philly
City Life

8 Prominent Philadelphians on What Being Black in Philly Should Look Like

As the nation reckons with its racist past, we wanted to know what Philadelphia’s Black community would consider real, substantive progress and change.

City Life

“Is Fox 29 Turning Into Fox News?” Inside Allegations of an “Extremely Conservative” Newsroom Culture

Several former and current employees at Fox 29 allege that the station’s newsroom is run by “toxic, super-white, and Trump-apologizing management.”

philadelphia protesters
City Life

Best of Philly: Here’s to the People Who Protested

They’ve marched in Center City and South Philly, on 52nd Street and in Fishtown. And they’re changing the world.

City Life

Fox 29 Legal Analyst Says He Was Fired for Being “Too Pro-Black Lives Matter”

Ken Rothweiler accuses the local TV station of “blackballing” him.

City Life

I’m Done Reasoning With COVID Safety Violators Who Have a Death Wish

We’re at a point in this deadly pandemic where those of us who are determined to stay safe can no longer waste our energy trying to save those who clearly couldn’t care less.

City Life

Mayor Jim Kenney Should Resign After the City’s Gross Violation of Civil Rights

Kenney has proven throughout his tenure that he is ill-equipped to address the racial inequities impacting Philadelphia. But now, after he was forced to admit the city’s wrongdoing in tear-gassing its citizens, there should be zero confidence in his leadership.

City Life

Yes, Defund the Police, But Here Are More Ways to Abolish Cop Culture

Incremental changes have begun to tear at the fabric of policing in America. Yet there are many ways we continue to glorify this troubled institution.

City Life

White People, Please Stop Declaring Yourself Allies

Here’s why I’m troubled by the resurgence of ally culture: You don’t get a badge of honor for helping to dismantle the racist system you’re complicit in.

City Life

White People, I Still Don’t Believe You

Fighting against racism is about more than performative empathy; it’s about redistributing power. Until that happens, all of this presumed progress is a big white lie.

philadelphia anti-racism riots george floyd protest
City Life

Philadelphia’s Anti-Racism Riot Was a Cry From a City That’s Had Enough

Saturday’s demonstration-turned-riot shows that Philadelphia has yet to seriously reckon with its racist history and pervasive inequity.

City Life

I Won’t Vote for Joe Biden, the Lesser Racist, Until I Have To in November

No, I’m not supporting Trump. But I just can’t bring myself to vote for the presumptive Democratic nominee — who has his own history of racism — in the Pennsylvania primary.

City Life

Now Is the Time for Penn and Philly’s Other Big-Money Nonprofits to Pay PILOTs

The ongoing debate over what universities and hospitals — who aren’t required to pay property taxes — should be contributing to the city’s coffers gets an added wrinkle during a pandemic-triggered economic free fall.

City Life

If Philadelphia Can’t Apologize for the MOVE Bombing 35 Years Later, How Progressive Are We?

How our local government chooses to address its role in one of the darkest days in our city’s history has now become a litmus test.

jacqueline mcbride, who has been arrested for the di bruno bros. spitting incidents
City Life

Jacqueline McBride Is White Privilege Personified

McBride admitted to spitting on two people during a pandemic, then tried to explain away her actions. She’s not the first to attempt such a feat, but hopefully she’ll be the last.