Ernest Owens

Writer at Large

Ernest Owens is an award-winning journalist and CEO of Ernest Media Empire, LLC. As an openly gay black journalist, he has made headlines for speaking frankly about intersectional issues in society regarding race, LGBTQ, and pop culture.

City Life

Activists Threatened, Allegedly Attacked During Protest at Blackwell Campaign Event

Protesters criticizing the longtime councilwoman’s use of councilmanic prerogative claim that they were “terrorized” for trying to hold her accountable.

City Life

Daphne Goggins Wins Vote to Retain Historic GOP Mayoral Endorsement

“Families fight, but now it’s time to unite to get a win for the party,” says the candidate.

City Life

Daphne Goggins Makes History With Philly GOP Mayoral Endorsement

The vocal Trump supporter’s main challenger, South Philly attorney Billy Ciancaglini, says he intends to continue his campaign.

City Life

Let’s Hope Kenney’s Renewed Focus on Black Issues Isn’t Just Pandering (Again)

The all-Black cast of the mayor’s campaign kickoff video tells me one thing: He knows he hasn’t fulfilled the promises he made last time.

City Life

Katherine Gilmore Richardson Wants to Become Philly’s Youngest Black Council Member

The millennial candidate is aiming to succeed her former boss, Blondell Reynolds Brown.

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City Life

Mayor Kenney, Where Is the Call for Bobby Henon to Step Down?

City Life

Here’s Why Jamie Gauthier Thinks She Can Defeat Jannie Blackwell

“I am the right person, for this moment, to lead the 3rd District into the future,” says the West Philly native and former executive director of the Fairmount Park Conservatory.

City Life

Scenes From the Campaign Trail: A Black Trump Supporter Throws a Mayoral Kickoff Birthday

“I have a direct line from the White House to North Philly — Trump wants to help us,” says Republican Daphne Goggins.

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City Life

By All Means, Philly, #MuteRKelly — but #EvictJewellWilliams Too

A City Council resolution to ban disgraced R&B singer R. Kelly from the city is commendable, but that same energy should also be directed to support local movements for accountability around sexual misconduct.

City Life

This Philly Pastor Wants to Become Pa.’s First Out Lesbian State Rep

In her bid for the 190th District’s special election seat, Pamela Williams believes that “progress starts with the people.”

City Life

Movita Johnson-Harrell Might Become the First Muslim Woman Elected to Pa. House

“I’m running because I care about my community,” says Johnson-Harrell, who just clinched the Democratic party’s nomination in the 190th District’s special election.

City Life

Sheriff Jewell Williams Locks in Crucial “Camel Prom Mom” Endorsement

The embattled official now has the backing of local celebrity chef Saudia Shuler, known for hosting lavish prom sendoffs — and for pleading guilty to federal fraud charges last week.

City Life

Scenes From the Campaign Trail: That Time Jewell Williams Held a Ladies Night

The controversial sheriff wasn’t exactly pleased to see a reporter at his event minutes after news broke about a sexual harassment settlement.

City Life

The Last Thing Philly’s LGBTQ Community Needs Is a Rainbow Bridge

We could solve some real problems for what it would cost to slap a coat of empty symbolism on the Walt Whitman.

City Life

Blondell Reynolds Brown Will Not Seek a Sixth City Council Term

Renowned for her efforts to diversify city government, Reynolds Brown is expected to endorse her chief of staff as her replacement.