Ernest Owens

Editor at Large

Ernest Owens is an award-winning journalist and CEO of Ernest Media Empire, LLC. As an openly gay black journalist, he has made headlines for speaking frankly about intersectional issues in society regarding race, LGBTQ, and pop culture.

City Life

“Bad Things Happen in Philadelphia” Is the Stupidest Thing We’ve Rallied Behind in Years

What Trump said during the first presidential debate was horrible. But ugly t-shirts and excessive consumerism as a clap back? Give me a break.

City Life

Do Democrats Want to Be Right, Or Do They Want to Win?

Once again, the moral case for defeating Trump isn’t sticking. With a month until the election, it’s time for Dems to take a different approach.

City Life

The Problem With “Feed Fatigue” and Other Excuses White People Make for Remaining Racist

White support for Black Lives Matter has been declining as we get closer to Election Day. Could a retreat to empathy — instead of the pursuit of more radical demands — be to blame?

a barricade near the parkway encampment in philadelphia
City Life

I Fear the Encampment Crisis Could End Up Like the MOVE Bombing

Current efforts by law enforcement to force the city’s most vulnerable residents from the Parkway are starting to feel like a recipe for disaster — and hark back to one of Philadelphia’s darkest days.

City Life

To Combat Philly Gun Violence, Dismantle the Office of Violence Prevention

The city’s leading department on addressing gun violence has become a detriment to tackling this public health crisis.

City Life

With Indoor Dining Faux Pas, It’s Official: Jim Kenney Can’t Read the Room

To be caught eating indoors at out-of-state restaurants is a slap in the face to Philadelphia restaurants and diners.

City Life

These Are the Worst Four Words You Can Tell Philly Voters Right Now

Why it’s time to stop using fear as a tactic to drive your friends and neighbors to the polls in November.

City Life

White Democrats, It’s Time for You to Get Your People to Vote

As the Democratic National Convention kicks off, Black voters shouldn’t be the only ones being pressured to vote in November. White Democrats, you need to do better this time.

City Life

Nobody Is Talking About the Real Reasons Public School Kids Will Struggle This Fall

The digital divide is one thing, but socioeconomic pressures highlighted and intensified by the pandemic are creating new hurdles for the most marginalized students.

City Life

I’m Tired of Black Leaders Being Brought in to Clean Up White People’s Messes

Mayor Kenney’s recent decision to promote Tumar Alexander to acting managing director continues an annoying pattern in which Black people are summoned in times of political desperation.

City Life

What a College Trip to Israel Taught Me About Racism and Anti-Semitism

Recent controversies involving Black public figures and anti-Semitism show how a lack of intersectionality in combating such bigotry has furthered its vitriol.

black in philly
City Life

8 Prominent Philadelphians on What Being Black in Philly Should Look Like

As the nation reckons with its racist past, we wanted to know what Philadelphia’s Black community would consider real, substantive progress and change.

City Life

“Is Fox 29 Turning Into Fox News?” Inside Allegations of an “Extremely Conservative” Newsroom Culture

Several former and current employees at Fox 29 allege that the station’s newsroom is run by “toxic, super-white, and Trump-apologizing management.”

philadelphia protesters
City Life

Best of Philly: Here’s to the People Who Protested

They’ve marched in Center City and South Philly, on 52nd Street and in Fishtown. And they’re changing the world.

City Life

Fox 29 Legal Analyst Says He Was Fired for Being “Too Pro-Black Lives Matter”

Ken Rothweiler accuses the local TV station of “blackballing” him.