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Ernest Owens

Writer at Large, Politics

Ernest Owens is an award-winning journalist and CEO of Ernest Media Empire, LLC. As an openly gay black journalist, he has made headlines for speaking frankly about intersectional issues in society regarding race, LGBTQ, and pop culture.

City Life

6 Philadelphians With Promising Approaches to Gun Violence Prevention

In the face of a problem that can feel insurmountable, these undeterred citizens refuse to sit quietly by.

City Life

Candidates, Don’t Be Afraid to Condemn Philly’s Sheriff Just Because She’s a Black Woman

OWENS: When the people running for mayor won’t hold key officials accountable, it’s a disservice to voters.

City Life

Why I’m Boycotting the Roots Picnic This Year

Yes, there are lots of impressive names on the lineup, but I can’t see past the toxic men being given a platform at this year’s installment.

City Life

Here’s How Much Money the Philly Mayoral Candidates Have Raised …

… and what it means

City Life

Helen Gym’s Hypocritical Return to the Union League Isn’t Her First Misstep

Less than one week after protesting the Union League for honoring controversial Florida governor Ron DeSantis, the mayoral candidate was hobnobbing there with executives. This isn’t the first time she’s backpedaled on her progressive stances.

City Life

Jeff Brown’s Latest Ad Isn’t What We Should Hope for From a Mayoral Candidate

A recent campaign ad on social media has Black people comparing the ShopRite owner to “Big Ma” and God — entities he shouldn’t strive to be as a rich white man.

City Life

Please, No More Philadelphia Mayor Candidates!

The overcrowded race for the city’s top job appears to be getting even more crowded — and arguably less democratic as a result.

City Life

Even in Victory, Pennsylvania House Dems Are Finding Ways to Lose

The current drama in Harrisburg over the House Speaker is a case study in dysfunctional politics.

City Life

4 Reasons Michael Nutter Running for Mayor Would Be Totally Fascinating

The former mayor considering a political comeback is what this dry, crowded race needs right now.

City Life

What Temple Can Learn From Penn About Making Students Feel Safe

Temple’s leadership must move beyond symbolic gestures and actually communicate tangible plans and actions.

City Life

Are You Bored by the Mayor’s Race Already? Don’t Worry; It’ll Get Exciting Soon

The glut of candidates feels overwhelming right now. But have no fear: Elimination time is near!

City Life

Philly Influencer Wallo’s Viral Poverty Porn Isn’t the Charitable Flex He Thinks It Is

The Black social media influencer’s latest stunt is more harmful than useful, because socioeconomic hardship shouldn’t be exploited.

City Life

Why the Midterm Results Are Good (or Bad) News for Your Favorite Mayoral Candidate

There’s a lot that Philly’s mayoral hopefuls can learn from what we witnessed on November 8th.

City Life

Philly Fueled Pennsylvania’s Blue Wave and Other Midterm Takeaways

The victories of Fetterman, Shapiro, and Davis gave Democrats statewide power they haven’t seen in years.

City Life

Enough With the Damn Ads: To Win Senate Race, Dems Must Focus on Turnout

With days until the midterm election, get-out-the-vote efforts need to take priority.