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Ernest Owens

Writer at Large, Politics

Ernest Owens is an award-winning journalist and CEO of Ernest Media Empire, LLC. As an openly gay black journalist, he has made headlines for speaking frankly about intersectional issues in society regarding race, LGBTQ, and pop culture.

City Life

Banning Ski Masks on SEPTA Won’t Reduce Crime

The transit agency’s recent policy banning the “Shiesty,” a type of ski mask worn largely by Black teens, is just another performative anti-crime stunt that won’t change a damn thing.

City Life

The Narrative About Philly’s Progressive Setback Is Wrong. Isaiah Thomas Is Proof.

Black progressives have been winning big in Philadelphia. It’s time for them to lead the movement.

City Life

The Four Major Takeaways From Philadelphia’s Mayoral Primary

Black candidates won big, establishment endorsements carried major weight, and tough losses for several progressives were among the highlights of a consequential election.

City Life

FBI Questioned Us About Philly Sheriff Rochelle Bilal, Staffers Say

On election’s eve, critics of the incumbent sheriff reveal the FBI asked about Bilal’s spending and management.

City Life

If Philly Had Ranked-Choice Voting, Here’s What I’d Do

With so many strong candidates, it can be hard to choose just one. Which is why Philadelphia should let voters rank the candidates. Here’s how I’d vote if we did.

76 place analysis arena rendering
City Life

On 76ers Arena, We Shouldn’t Rush “the Process”

The recent controversy surrounding the multibillion dollar proposal might be less contentious if we had a road map for how the decision will be made.

City Life

Here Are the Burning Questions Philly Mayoral Candidates Need to Answer

Throughout the mayoral campaign, the candidates have left us with more questions than answers. In the final month before the primary election, hopefully they’ll fix that.

City Life

Why Are 42 Percent of Black Voters Still Undecided on Philly’s Next Mayor?

Here’s why I believe Black voters remain cautious — and why we shouldn’t be surprised.

City Life

The Problem With Jeff Brown’s Racial Code-Switching

The candidate was recently recorded telling a white voter that his opponents would be “lynched” if people knew about their corruption.

yafavtrashman terrill haigler
City Life

Ya Fav Trashman Opens Up About the Collapse of His Campaign

Terrell Haigler’s experience shows how the system is stacked against working-class Philadelphians who want to run for office.

City Life

The Ultimate Voter’s Guide to the 2023 Philadelphia Mayoral Race

Our comprehensive guide to the most critical Democratic race for mayor in Philly’s history.

City Life

It’s Time for the Gloves to Finally Come Off in Philly’s Mayoral Race

The race is crowded. Everyone’s being way too collegial. The result is that nobody’s standing out. These candidates need to start making some noise.

City Life

Tyrique Glasgow Was Shot 11 Times. He’s Dedicated to Helping Others Avoid the Same Fate

The Young Chances Foundation visionary is providing kids in his neighborhood with resources that could have made a difference for him.

City Life

Why a Temple Trauma Surgeon Is Pushing Journalists to Change How They Cover Gun Violence

Director of research for the Philadelphia Center for Gun Violence Reporting, Jessica Beard challenges media to reframe the crisis as one of public health.

City Life

6 Philadelphians With Promising Approaches to Gun Violence Prevention

In the face of a problem that can feel insurmountable, these undeterred citizens refuse to sit quietly by.