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Ernest Owens

Editor at Large

Ernest Owens is an award-winning journalist and CEO of Ernest Media Empire, LLC. As an openly gay black journalist, he has made headlines for speaking frankly about intersectional issues in society regarding race, LGBTQ, and pop culture.

City Life

Philly Influencer Wallo’s Viral Poverty Porn Isn’t the Charitable Flex He Thinks It Is

The Black social media influencer’s latest stunt is more harmful than useful, because socioeconomic hardship shouldn’t be exploited.

City Life

Why the Midterm Results Are Good (or Bad) News for Your Favorite Mayoral Candidate

There’s a lot that Philly’s mayoral hopefuls can learn from what we witnessed on November 8th.

City Life

Philly Fueled Pennsylvania’s Blue Wave and Other Midterm Takeaways

The victories of Fetterman, Shapiro, and Davis gave Democrats statewide power they haven’t seen in years.

City Life

Enough With the Damn Ads: To Win Senate Race, Dems Must Focus on Turnout

With days until the midterm election, get-out-the-vote efforts need to take priority.

City Life

City Controller’s Police Audit Confirms We Don’t Know How We’re Spending Police Budget

Would you sink a billion dollars into something if you had no clue how it was being spent?

City Life

Ex-Cop Ryan Pownall’s Case Should Be Krasner’s Humbling Moment

The Philadelphia District Attorney’s office has become so politically polarizing that it’s beginning to drop the ball for its own causes.

City Life

Philly’s At-Risk Youth Need Engagement, Not Criminal Records

The national fear-mongering and oversimplification around the viral Wawa video need to be replaced with mature solutions.

City Life

Democrats Need to Stop Fighting With Each Other if They Want to Win in November

Selfish moves by Philly Dems risk turning off voters and inciting party rancor — a recipe for midterms disaster.

City Life

Shakeup on Council Is Good, But These Former Councilmembers Leave Big Shoes to Fill

With the resignations of Councilmembers Domb, Green, Parker and Quiñones-Sánchez, City Hall won’t be the same. There’s some good to that, but their presence on Council will also be missed.

City Life

Philly’s 2023 Mayoral Election Season Starts Now

Between now and September 15th, expect other members of City Council to join Allan Domb in resigning to ponder the city’s top job. Here’s who we think will run, who probably won’t — and who might be bluffing.

City Life

Can Ryan Boyer Change How Philly Unions Do Politics?

The first Black leader of the Philadelphia Building Trades has set his sights on diversifying our unions, modernizing the way they wield power and tipping the scales in the city’s most consequential mayoral election in decades.

City Life

After a Decade of Cringe, Why Are We Still Doing Dîner en Blanc?

You’d think in the wake of a still-churning pandemic, sociopolitical uprisings, and city crises, we would finally be over this pompous all-white-attire affair.

City Life

The City Has Failed University City Townhome Residents

The traumatizing clearing of the University City Townhome encampment in West Philly symbolizes the ongoing racial injustice of gentrification.

City Life

Summer Shouldn’t Be Canceled in Black Neighborhoods Due to Gun Violence

The recent shutdowns of several Black community events reinforce racial double standards and political hypocrisy.

City Life

Celebrating Independence Day After Roe Was Overturned Feels Hollow

July 4th doesn’t feel festive in America when half the population’s liberties are being threatened.