Ernest Owens

Writer at Large

Ernest Owens is an award-winning journalist and CEO of Ernest Media Empire, LLC. As an openly gay black journalist, he has made headlines for speaking frankly about intersectional issues in society regarding race, LGBTQ, and pop culture.


The Last Thing Philly’s LGBTQ Community Needs Is a Rainbow Bridge

We could solve some real problems for what it would cost to slap a coat of empty symbolism on the Walt Whitman.


Blondell Reynolds Brown Will Not Seek a Sixth City Council Term

Renowned for her efforts to diversify city government, Reynolds Brown is expected to endorse her chief of staff as her replacement.


After Photo Surfaces, 3 Philly Pols Say They Won’t Endorse Jewell Williams for Reelection

A political lunch convened by City Council President Darrell Clarke seems to have had unintended consequences.


The Philly MLK Day Luncheon That Would Have Dr. King Rolling in His Grave

The annual MLK Day Awards and Benefit Luncheon is a pricey, elitist affair that this year is honoring a local official facing multiple allegations of sexual harassment.


Longtime Social Justice Activist Erika Almirón Announces City Council Bid

The veteran Juntos executive director is running a campaign that is geared toward “speaking truth to power.”


This 26-Year-Old Latino Biologist Wants to Become Philly’s First Gay Councilman

Adrian Rivera-Reyes, a democratic socialist, has officially announced his City Council at-large bid as “a nontraditional candidate.”


City’s New Leadership Pipeline Program Is an Affront to Real Diversity

The diversity problem at city nonprofits doesn’t stem from “unqualified” minorities applying.

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After Latest Mummers Controversy, Kenney Has to Pick a Side on Racism

From dragging his feet on removing the Rizzo statue to tolerating Mummers Parade antics, the mayor is struggling to appease both sides of a racially divided city. This year, that needs to change.


End of an Era: G Philly Says Farewell

But our incisive coverage of Philly’s LGBTQ community will live on throughout — because LGBTQ news is news, period.


Trans Activists Criticize Mazzoni Over Diminished Role in Wellness Conference

Trans and gender-nonconforming members of the Philadelphia Trans Wellness Conference committee say that the nonprofit has given control  of the event’s programming to cisgender management staff.

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Black Clergy Soda Tax Criticism Leaves Wide Opening for a Kenney Challenger

After 20 local religious leaders called for the repeal of Kenney’s signature policy, the stage is set for a person of color to run against him.


Sherrie Cohen Announces New City Council Run, This Time With a “Movement”

“My platform and campaign will be bolder and more grassroots than my last campaign,” says the progressive candidate.


Mazzoni Center Board President Christopher Pope Resigns

Pope’s departure after a year as president leaves a nine-person board that, for the first time, has a majority of members of color.


White Allies, the “We the People Rally” Is Your Time to Put Up or Shut Up

Calls for a “diverse” crowd to confront what’s shaping up to be a gathering of white nationalists put black and brown lives in danger.


Philadelphia Dodged a Major Bullet by Not Getting Amazon HQ2

We should be asking ourselves one question: When are we finally going to look inward?