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Ernest Owens

Editor at Large

Ernest Owens is an award-winning journalist and CEO of Ernest Media Empire, LLC. As an openly gay black journalist, he has made headlines for speaking frankly about intersectional issues in society regarding race, LGBTQ, and pop culture.

steak 48 $100 minimum
City Life

Why I Don’t Have a Problem With Steak 48’s $100 Minimum Dining Fee

The upscale chain restaurant in Center City has faced backlash on social media for its new policy. But it benefits the essential workers who suffered during an inequitable pandemic.

City Life

Four Major Takeaways From Philadelphia’s Democratic Primary

A night of progressive victories might mean new rules for how power flows through the city’s political corridors.

thomas farley move bombing
City Life

Philadelphia Owes the MOVE Survivors More Than an Apology

Mayor Jim Kenney’s admission of wrongdoing is long overdue — but it’s not enough to rectify the hardship the city has caused the Africa family for nearly four decades.

City Life

How to Have a Hot Vax Summer and Be COVID-Safe, Too

These are the new rules for hanging out now that more and more of us are vaccinated.

larry krasner carlos vega
City Life

Not Enthusiastic About Voting for Either Larry Krasner or Carlos Vega? You’re Not Alone.

Both campaigns reveal what happens when polarizing politics negate the legitimate concerns of voters — forcing them to be conflicted at the polls.

City Life

Dear White People: Wanna DM Me on the Latest Racist Outrage? Read This First

Every time there’s a big news story involving racism, my alerts blow up. Here’s what people say, and what I say back.

City Life

Philly Needs a Much Bolder Approach to Gun Violence. Here Are Three Big Ideas

The city budget doesn’t go far enough. If we’re going to address this existential crisis, we need big plans to tackle our most entrenched and enduring issues.

City Life

The Pandemic Will End. Our Respect for Service Workers Should Not

My return to the movie theater came with an epiphany about how I’m going to conduct myself when things return to “normal.”

City Life

Philly Politicians Are Condemning Derek Chauvin. Why Are They Silent on Local Police Brutality?

As our leaders weigh in on the Minneapolis court case, too little has been said about new charges of police abuse here last summer.

City Life

My Vaccination Card Makes Me Feel Like a VIP

No, it’s not quite a Golden Ticket. But a month of being fully vaccinated has made me feel like a first-class citizen in ways I’ve never experienced before.

City Life

Why Is Larry Krasner Still Tight With Shaun King?

Voters should be concerned that our self-proclaimed progressive DA is chasing the national spotlight with the help of an infamous figure who’s been accused of grifting and targeting activists.

City Life

The Pandemic Made Me Realize I Hate Everything About My Old Social Life

It’s been a year since COVID changed our world. These are the lockdown habits I’m not giving up, even after we return to “normal.”

City Life

The Black Doctors Consortium Is Totally Self-Funded. Imagine What It Could Do With City Support

Ala Stanford’s group has vaccinated thousands of Black Philadelphians on its own dime. Here are four ways the city could boost its heroic efforts.

City Life

Vaxathon Reveals There’s More to the Narrative About Black Americans and the COVID Vaccine

Yes, there is distrust of health care in the Black community, but Ala Stanford’s big Liacouras Center event proved that if you remove the barriers, people will get the shot.

jim kenney gun violence hunger strike
City Life

Kenney Must Do More Than “Acknowledge” Philly’s Gun-Violence Emergency

In a clumsy bit of political theater, the Mayor danced around Philadelphia’s current existential crisis. It’s an insult to Jamal Johnson, the man whose hunger strike made the city pay attention.