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traffic enforcement

Philadelphians Waste More Than a Millennium Sitting in Traffic Every Year

We’ve all heard stories of (and most likely experienced) horrific traffic here in Philly. We’ve sat in congestion so soul-grinding it’s made us unforgivably late — or maybe even cost […]

traffic enforcement

City to Step Up Ticketing of Bus-Lane Blockers Along Chestnut and Market Streets

If you’re taking an Uber or a Lyft in Center City this summer, you might want to tell your driver to avoid dropping you off […]

traffic congestion fees congestion pricing

Like New York, Philly Is Weighing a Traffic Congestion Fee

New York will soon become the first U.S. city to charge drivers to access its most congested neighborhoods — and Philly says it’s watching closely and […]

aggressive drivers

The Best Thing That Happened This Week: Use Your Freaking Turn Signal, You Jerk!

Philadelphia. We’re winners! The Super Bowl! James Beard noms! Bryce Harper! City of the Year!!! So none of us should be too upset that we only came in second […]

street closures construction right-of-way permits

A New Tool Makes It Easy to Find and Report Unapproved Street Blockages in Philly

Pretty much every Philadelphian will tell you the same thing these days: Traffic in the city feels like more of a nightmare than ever. Try to […]


Philly’s 20 Biggest Losers of 2018

At the end of the year, it is customary for us here at Philly Mag to take stock of the good, the bad, and the […]


Traffic Police Will Crack Down Around 30th Street Station This Fall

It’s happened to almost everyone who drives (I’d imagine): You’re following traffic slowly across an intersection, and you’re almost through to the other side when […]

trump road closures

Avoid This Area Ahead of Trump’s Visit on Tuesday

President Donald Trump is coming to Philadelphia on Tuesday, and that means one thing: traffic. Well, technically, it means two things: protests and traffic, which […]


Councilman Domb: Maybe It’s Time to Ban On-Street Parking in Center City

Anyone who navigates Philadelphia’s streets (whether by foot, bike, bus or car) knows they’re extremely clogged. Traffic seems like more of an issue than ever, especially […]


Gridlock: Center City’s Traffic Apocalypse

It’s a good problem to have, all the experts tell me. A symbol of our growth and vitality. A sign of just how hot our […]


Prepare for a Ton of Road Closures in Philly This Weekend

Driving in Philly this weekend might be a bit hectic (more than usual, at least). A number of festivals, parades and runs will shut down various […]

traffic, i-76

When and Where (and How) to Avoid I-76 This Week

Here’s the good news: I-76 is getting repaved! If you use the highway to travel through Montgomery County between I-476 and City Avenue, expect a smoother […]


Prepare for a Slew of Street Closures in Philly

You might want to think ahead if you’re planning to drive anywhere in Philly this weekend. Four events will prompt street closures (five if you count […]


It’s Time to Shun I-676 Again

Construction closures could bring headaches for some I-676 and I-76 commuters next week. 

"March Against Discrimination" banner

Anti-Trump Protest Planned for Center City Tonight

A group plans to gather outside the Fox 29 studios at 4th and Market today to protest Donald Trump. The protest will begin at 6 […]