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Climate Change

use less plastic
Be Well Philly

These Philly-Area Companies Are Trying to Help You Use Less Plastic

More people are starting to reckon with the fact that climate change is having an irrevocable effect on the world. In October, UN issued its […]

heat wave notification
City Life

Philly’s Heat Warning System Saved 45 Lives Last Year

It’s fry-an-egg-on-the-sidewalk hot in Philly right now. The National Weather Service’s excessive heat warning — in effect through Sunday — might seem like an unnecessary precaution given […]

City Life

What We Know (So Far) About How Hurricane Florence Will Affect Philly

Hurricane Florence continued to move toward the Southeast Coast as a category 4 hurricane on Wednesday morning, with expected landfall in the Carolinas by early Friday. Predicting […]

jersey shore flooding rain
City Life

The Rain Continues: Coastal Flood Warning in Effect for Jersey Shore

Bad news for those cursing the miserable weather this weekend: The rain isn’t letting up anytime soon. In fact, the forecast is particularly bad at the Jersey […]

climate change report, philadelphia energy solutions
City Life

Kenney Releases Master Plan to Fight Climate Change in Philly

The city has released a new and improved plan to fight climate change. The Powering Our Future report, released this week, includes an ambitious master plan […]

maryland, trash, chesapeake bay
City Life

Maryland Officials: “We’re Literally Drowning in Pennsylvania’s Trash”

Recent heavy rain has brought serious trouble to the Chesapeake Bay. The estuary has become clogged with debris, and officials in Maryland are blaming more than […]

City Life

Philly Area Flunks in Lung Association’s Latest Smog Report

The latest edition of an annual study conducted by the American Lung Association has found that levels of ground-level ozone (commonly referred to as smog) […]

City Life

All of Philly Right Now: “Did You Just Feel That Earthquake?”

This is a developing story and may be updated at any time. Like you, we here at Philly Mag are asking each other the same […]

scott perry, puerto rico
City Life

Pa. Congressman: Puerto Rico Hurricane Victims Aren’t Actually Dying

A Pennsylvania Congressman is taking some flak over his recent CNN appearance. On Thursday, U.S. Rep Scott Perry, whose district includes York County, attempted to […]


Help Puerto Rico, Get Free Rare Beer at Dock Street Cannery

The good folks at Dock Street Brewery make it a habit of supporting their community. Their regular Free Rare Beers for School Supplies program gives […]

City Life

Here’s Mayor Kenney’s Plan to Save the Planet

After President Donald Trump made public his desire to withdraw the United States from the Paris climate agreement, Mayor Jim Kenney responded in kind by […]

Be Well Philly

Cycle Brewerytown Hosting Classes to Aid Hurricane Irma Relief

Philly fitness community, we’re calling on you again to sweat it out for hurricane relief efforts, this time for the victims of Hurricane Irma. Cycle […]

maria, puerto rico
City Life

Here’s How You Can Help Puerto Rico After Hurricane Maria

Hurricane Maria plunged the already-pummeled Puerto Rico into total darkness on Wednesday, knocking out the island’s power grid with category 4 winds up to 155 mph. […]

Be Well Philly

The Checkup: The Secret to Rescuing Any Leftover Dish in Your Fridge

• Let’s be real: Leftovers are amazing — it’s literally pre-cooked food sitting in your fridge waiting to be eaten with very little effort. Not […]

City Life

Man Escapes Hurricane Irma, Winds Up at Ray’s Happy Birthday Bar

Scott Cannariato wasn’t planning on taking any vacations anytime soon, but that all changed as he watched the Hurricane Irma coverage on TV two weeks […]