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Climate Change


Pope Calls Earth “An Immense Pile of Filth”

Pope Francis, everyone’s favorite cool pope, released an encyclical today, Laudato si. The encyclical is in English, fortunately, and it’s all about the environment and […]

City Life

“Pollen Tsunami” Wreaking Allergy Havoc in Philly Region

A “pollen tsunami” is making Spring 2015 one of the worst years ever for allergy sufferers in the Philadelphia region, and across the northeast United […]


Philly Bracing for Hurricane-Fueled Power Outages

In Mayor Nutter’s final budget address yesterday, he took the opportunity to thank city agencies for working through some of the worst inclement weather in […]

PGW sign

Report: Leaky Philly Gas Pipes Pose Climate Hazard

A report from StateImpact Pennsylvania says that leaking gas pipes in Philadelphia are a massive problem. Those old pipes leak enough methane to cause changes […]

City Life

Climate Change Could Knock Out Power in Philly

Philly ranks second on a new list of cities vulnerable to climate change, the Huffington Post reports. The vulnerability? The city’s power grid: Only New […]

City Life

Mayor Nutter Vows Climate Action

Mayor Nutter today announced he’s joining the mayors of Los Angeles and Houston to bypass Congress and set climate change policies in their respective cities.

Tom Corbett

Billionaire’s Super PAC Targeting Tom Corbett over Climate Change

Liberal billionaire Tom Steyer’s NexGen Climate Action super PAC has announced the states it plans to pour over $100 million into this election season. I […]

City Life

Could Penn Stater’s Lawsuit Kill America’s Leading Conservative Magazine?

There is growing talk that a defamation lawsuit by Penn State scientist Michael Mann could kill of National Review, the magazine founded by William F. […]

City Life

Tropical Storm Karen Approacheth

States of emergencies have been declared in Louisiana and Mississippi, as Tropical Storm Karen–the first storm of the season–is set to make landfall there tomorrow. […]

City Life

Hey, Somebody Put August in Our May! Temperature Creeps Into ’90s Today

We’ve reached CODE ORANGE, people. As Philly experiences its first summer heat–temperatures in the ’90s, humidity at 40%–air quality today is terrifyingly bad. According to […]

City Life

Chris Christie: No Link Between Climate Change and Hurricane Sandy

Yesterday at a little Sandy-related event, a WNYC reporter asked Chris Christie whether New Jersey needed to do more to prepare for climate change (and […]

City Life

Campbell’s Soup Scores Big Sustainability Award at World Economic Forum

Campbell’s is the only U.S.-based food or beverage company to crack this year’s “Global 100” most sustainable companies list, which is determined by Toronto-based Corporate […]

City Life

Al Gore to Spice Things Up at the Constitution Center

Just when you thought the National Constitution Center was getting too edgy with their Prohibition exhibit, they’ve decided to scale things down to PBS-volume again. […]