Chris Christie: No Link Between Climate Change and Hurricane Sandy

Yesterday at a little Sandy-related event, a WNYC reporter asked Chris Christie whether New Jersey needed to do more to prepare for climate change (and superstorms that may stem from climate change). Christie refused to answer. Sort of.

I don’t agree with the premise of your question because I don’t think there’s been any proof thus far that Sandy was caused by climate change. But I would absolutely expect that that’s exactly what WNYC would say, because you know liberal public radio always has an agenda.

And the crowd went wild. The question comes on the heels of a massive WNYC/Bergen Record report that found New Jersey’s transit authority was grossly underprepared for Hurricane Sandy, in part because of the governor’s refusal to take preemptive action against possible consequences from climate change. While the governor is largely correct that no one can definitely link climate change to Hurricane Sandy itself, the increasingly regular prevalence of extreme weather events is almost certainly due to global warming. [NYC]