Billionaire’s Super PAC Targeting Tom Corbett over Climate Change

Liberal billionaire Tom Steyer's super PAC is trying to make the environment a campaign issue in 2014. He plans to put $100 million into seven races.

Liberal billionaire Tom Steyer’s NexGen Climate Action super PAC has announced the states it plans to pour over $100 million into this election season. I know what you’re thinking, and I agree: Tom Steyer’s NexGen Climate Action super PAC sounds like a Sega Genesis accessory.

And, also, yes, Steyer’s super PAC is planning to target Tom Corbett in Pennsylvania. Politico’s Andrew Restuccia reports Steyer plans to spend $50 million of his own fortune on the seven-state effort. Four senate races and three gubernatorial elections are the target.

Steyer, a San Francisco resident who made his money in hedge funds, has successfully bankrolled two California ballot referendums on the environment. After helping Terry McAuliffe win the Virginia governor’s race in 2013, he’s attempting to make climate change a campaign issue in 2014.

“I feel like the guy in the movie who goes into the diner and says, ‘There are zombies in the woods and they’re eating our children,'” Steyer said of his activism.

Politico reports this is Steyer’s strategy in Pennsylvania:

The group will dismiss Gov. Tom Corbett as an extremist on climate change. It will target low-income voters affected by pollution in the state and voters in Philadelphia who didn’t vote in 2010.

Prediction: An infusion of cash from a billionaire will mean anti-fracking protesters won’t have to jump on stage to get attention in the general election.