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2014 Governors Race

City Life

Corbett’s Self-Inflicted Loss Is Lesson For Wolf, Republicans

The GOP tidal wave was massive, with Republicans winning from coast-to-coast. Preeminent among them was a man who, after achieving a stunning 10-point victory in […]

City Life

What Governor Tom Wolf Means for Philadelphia

Four years of Tom Corbett have, to put it mildly, been rough on Philadelphia. Chaos in the state-managed and largely state-funded school district. Cuts to […]

City Life

5 Things You Need to Know About Our New Governor

In September, Philadelphia magazine’s own Steve Volk profiled a man with an even shorter name than him: Tom Wolf. The article, “Perfect Stranger,” was a […]

City Life

Tom Corbett Concedes; Tom Wolf Is Pennsylvania’s New Governor

In the end, the polls were right: Democrat Tom Wolf beat Republican Gov. Tom Corbett  on Tuesday, making Corbett the first incumbent governor to fail […]

City Life

Today Is Election Day

It’s Election Day! Philadelphians go to the polls today to cast votes for governor, Congress, and state legislative seats, as well as to answer three […]

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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Won’t Endorse for Governor

So this is kind of weird: The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has decided to endorse nobody for governor — a week after the Philadelphia Inquirer also refused […]

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Mechanical Issue Forces Obama to Change Planes in Philly

Barack Obama flew to Philly on Air Force One. He left Philly on Air Force One. But he took two planes. How does that work? […]

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Tom Corbett Is About to Make History

One way or another, Gov. Tom Corbett is about to make history. Win, and he’ll have secured an improbable come-from-behind victory of a magnitude almost never […]

City Life

Why I’m Voting for a Republican on Tuesday

When I walk into the voting booth tomorrow, I’m going to do something somewhat unusual for me …  and vote for a Republican. I hope […]

City Life

The Best Social Media from Obama’s Philly Visit

President Obama was on Temple’s campus Sunday to stump for Tom Wolf. “If we’re going to strengthen the middle class for the 21st Century, we […]


President Obama Will Be at Temple on Sunday

President Barack Obama will headline a campaign event for Tom Wolf on Sunday at Temple’s Liacouras Center. Sunday’s event is at 4 p.m. — so […]

City Life

Poll Puts Wolf Ahead of Corbett by 13 Points

The latest poll of the Pennsylvania governor’s race shows challenger Tom Wolf with a clear lead over incumbent Gov. Tom Corbett — but the distance […]

City Life

Prediction: State Senate to Stay in GOP Hands

Republican Gov. Tom Corbett appears headed to a defeat, but Democratic challenger Tom Wolf will probably face a GOP-led House and Senate if he takes […]

City Life

Tom Corbett’s Campaign Photoshopped Him Next to a Black Woman

The above image is at the bottom of every page on Tom Corbett’s campaign website. But it turns out these smiling people were not all […]

City Life

Four Charts That Show Tom Corbett Doesn’t Understand Pennsylvania’s Economy

Tom Corbett seems determined to end his governorship the same way he arrived: By blaming the poor for their inability to find good work in […]