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2014 Governors Race

PA Governor Tom Corbett
City Life

Gov. Corbett Not Welcome at Pittsburgh’s Labor Day Parade

Gov. Corbett has been un-invited from marching in Pittsburgh’s Labor Day parade. Why? Because he’s not seen as a friend of labor.

City Life

FOP Endorses Wolf for Governor

The Morning Call reports that the 40,000-member Fraternal Order of Police has given its endorsement to Democrat Tom Wolf in the state gubernatorial race. The […]

City Life

How Gov. Corbett Could Still Win This Thing

Sure Gov. Corbett is far behind Democratic challenger Tom Wolf in this fall’s election campaign. But Pittsburgh Tribune columnist Brad Bumsted says the governor could […]

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Corbett, Wolf Agree on 3 Debates

Gov. Tom Corbett and challenger Tom Wolf have agree to three gubernatorial debates this fall, AP reports:


Governor Tom Corbett’s Campaign Aides Met With Him in Office

In what has to be the early frontrunner for the most boring scandal of the 2014 Pennsylvania gubernatorial race, Tom Corbett is now under fire […]

City Life

Poll: Corbett Really Is Gaining on Wolf

Remember all the skepticism that greeted last week’s poll showing Gov. Tom Corbett finally whittling away at the persistent 20-point campaign lead of challenger Tom […]

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Green Party Candidate Won’t Appear on Gov Ballot

Newsworks reports there will be no Green Party candidate on the gubernatorial candidate this fall: Paul Glover fell short of the 17,000 signatures needed to […]

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Is Corbett Gaining on Wolf?

Do we suddenly, really have a gubernatorial race in Pennsylvania? Under most circumstances, a poll showing that an incumbent governor is down by nine points to […]

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Wolf: Raise Taxes on Rich to Fund Schools

AP reports that Tom Wolf, the Democratic gubernatorial candidate, wants to raise taxes on “high earners” to fund schools across the state.

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Third-Party Candidates Could Join Governor’s Race

AP reports that several third-party candidates are eyeing the governor’s race and could get in — potentially altering the dynamics of the election.

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Could Dems Take Back the Pa. Senate?

Even though Gov. Tom Corbett faces a steep climb to re-election — Tom Wolf has all but been coronated in some quarters — the assumption […]

Tom Corbett
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5 Reasons to Vote (No Really!) For Tom Corbett

Barring some disastrous circumstances, I can’t really see myself voting for Tom Corbett’s re-election in November. Then again, you probably can’t either.  Polls consistently show […]

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VIDEO Dems Attack Corbett on Education

Here’s the new Democratic ad attacking Tom Corbett on his education record:

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Corbett Will Make Budget Decision Today

Today’s the day: Gov. Corbett will either sign a $29.1 billion budget that’s already been approved by both chambers of the Pennsylvania Legislature — or […]

City Life

Corbett Launches Ad Campaign

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E9oZgbSaMsM Dave Davies explains Tom Corbett’s July ad blitz: