Could Dems Take Back the Pa. Senate?

Just how long could Tom Wolf's coattails be?

Even though Gov. Tom Corbett faces a steep climb to re-election — Tom Wolf has all but been coronated in some quarters — the assumption in most quarters has been that the Legislature will remain safely in GOP hands.

No so fast. reports:

If millionaire businessman Tom Wolf holds or grows his 22-point lead over Gov. Tom Corbett in polls, Pennsylvania Democrats have a strong shot at taking control of the state Senate in November, Senate Minority Leader Jay Costa said on Thursday.

 Costa, D-Forest Hills, said during an interview with Tribune-Review editors and reporters that the Democratic Party aims to swing the Senate using a two-pronged strategy: Make sure disgruntled Republicans stay home, and convince Democrats that “the incumbent Republican is tied at the hip of the governor.”

Of course, that would leave the House in GOP hands — and that might not be pleasant for Tom Wolf.  Looks, though, like we’ll get a chance to see how long Wolf’s coattails might be.