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I’m Tired of Black Leaders Being Brought in to Clean Up White People’s Messes

We all know how the story goes: White person gets job that a Black person would have been better suited for. White person screws up […]

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Political Scientist Daniel Q. Gillion on What Makes Protest Movements Effective

How does a protest movement translate demands into political action? This is a relevant question for the millions of Americans who have spent the past […]

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West Philly’s Rick Krajewski on Running for Office, Defunding the PPD and the National Leftist Uprising

West Philly’s Rick Krajewski has never been much for the status quo. Raised by a working-class single mother in the South Bronx, he’s used his […]

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What Do Mayor Kenney’s Past Supporters Think of Him Now?

One of the immediate consequences of the recent Black Lives Matter protests has been the mainstreaming of a once-obscure idea to defund the police. The […]

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Mayor Jim Kenney Should Resign After the City’s Gross Violation of Civil Rights

On a sunny Monday afternoon, a group of diverse, peaceful protesters is marching together, demanding justice for Black lives. They engage in collective chants, hold […]

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I Won’t Vote for Joe Biden, the Lesser Racist, Until I Have To in November

As a millennial black voter, I take every election very seriously. When my mail-in ballot arrived last week, it listed three Democratic presidential candidates: former […]

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Inside Nikil Saval’s Progressive, Virtual Campaign For State Senate

Not long ago, Nikil Saval, a candidate for Pennsylvania’s first state Senate district, was handing out food for the hungry at the Southeast Asian Mutual […]

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If Philadelphia Can’t Apologize for the MOVE Bombing 35 Years Later, How Progressive Are We?

On May 13, 1985, 11 people, including five children, were killed during a city-authorized bombing and burning of a black neighborhood in West Philadelphia. The state-sanctioned […]

helen gym
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Helen Gym Is the Most Popular Politician in Philadelphia

The day I spent with Helen Gym was the day after the New York Times endorsed two women, a moderate Democrat and a progressive, in […]

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Coronavirus Outbreak Reveals Philly at Its Absolute Best — and Utter Worst

A week ago, I was able to buy toilet paper and bleach in abundance at my nearby CVS. I did this while planning a dinner […]

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The Rochelle Bilal Fiasco Is Everything That’s Wrong With Philly Politics

The late, great poet and civil rights icon Maya Angelou once said, “When you know better, do better.” She also famously said, “When people show […]

pat toomey
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Pat Toomey Defends Impeachment Vote, Says He’ll Support Trump in November

Senator Pat Toomey had a smart plan for how to publicly explain his vote in President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial. He rolled it out last […]

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Special Elections Are Undemocratic, Wasteful and Downright Stupid

Tuesday nearly broke all that was left of my faith in the democratic process. I’m what many would consider a super voter, given that I’ve […]

ed rendell
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Ed Rendell Still Has a Few Things to Say

I begin to get, more than anything, worried. I’ve been waiting outside Ed Rendell’s small stone Tudor in East Falls for him to answer the […]

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How Mike Bloomberg Ate Joe Biden’s Lunch in Philadelphia

This article started out as a fairly pro forma Gee Whiz Joe Biden Chose Philly For His National Campaign Headquarters What Do All The Local […]