BizFeed: Fortune’s No.1 Workplace for Millennials is a Chester Company You Probably Never Heard Of

Downtown Chester, Pa. on the Avenue of the States. (Wikimedia Commons)

Downtown Chester, Pa. on the Avenue of the States. (Wikimedia Commons)

The No. 1 Workplace for Millennials is based in Chester

The News: After surveying nearly 90,000 employees under 35 years old, Fortune and Great Place to Work have released its list of the Top Workplaces for Millennials. The No. 1 company (drumroll please) … Power Home Remodeling Group, an exterior home remodeling company based in Chester, Pa. Read more »

Why Do I Find Taylor Swift So Annoying?

It was hard not to cheer for Taylor Swift over the past couple days.

Less than 24 hours after she penned a blog post criticizing Apple’s new music streaming service, the company backtracked and confirmed that it would, indeed, pay artists full royalties during the trial period. After a few polite, eloquent paragraphs outlining her argument and the importance of compensating both struggling artists and established talent, Swift signed off with this succinct little mic drop to let them know she meant business:

 “We don’t ask you for free iPhones. Please don’t ask us to provide you with our music for no compensation.”

Seemingly all corners of the Internet came together in support and admiration of the 25-year-old Berks County native. As for myself, I decided it was finally time to figure out why I absolutely can’t stand the woman. Read more »

6 Sure-Fire Ways to Hire Talented Millennials

BigLike Images/Shutterstock

BigLike Images/Shutterstock

If you’re a business owner or an HR executive, I’m guessing you’re trying pretty hard to attract millennials to your organization. It’s easy to talk about millennials as if they’re an elusive, wild species. If success isn’t coming easily, perhaps you’re looking at the superficial layer and not actually getting close enough to understand how millennials function and what they truly value.

I’m the CEO of a digital marketing agency, and I fall into what some would consider the early millennial category, but others call me a late Gen Xer. My team of 16 is predominantly millennials who have dedicated years to the company, beginning as paid interns and working their way into larger roles. Read more »

Millennials Don’t Vote for the Same Reason Your Generation Didn’t

Election Day in Philadelphia | Photo by AP/Matt Rourke

Election Day in Philadelphia | Photo by AP/Matt Rourke

A lot of people are really, really worried about the fact that millennials don’t vote in mayoral elections.

But maybe they shouldn’t be.

Don’t get me wrong, it sucks. Only 12 percent of registered voters between the ages of 18 and 34 cast a ballot in Philadelphia’s recent mayoral race. That’s the worst turnout of any age group in the city.

As a 29-year-old whose third-favorite holiday is Election Day, I’d love it if that changed. Millennials are actually the largest voting bloc in the city, which means that we could theoretically wield more clout in local elections than Gen Xers, Baby Boomers and our grandparents. Forget pensions, here come more bike lanes! (I kid, I kid.)

But we’re probably not going to pack the polls at the same rate as our parents anytime soon. While that’s not ideal, it’s not the end of the world, either. Because I think our voting habits will get better with time. Read more »

Relax, Everyone: Millennials Are Getting Plenty

Two studies came out recently showing that — surprise! — millennials get laid less than their parents did.

My Baby Boomer colleague Sandy Hingston wrote that as soon as she heard the news, “I knew the kids would twist themselves into pretzels explaining to me how that’s a good thing. After all, we’re the ones who ruined the environment, razed the economy and stuck them all with a hundred grand in college debt, so how could anything that we did ever be good?” Read more »

Some Answers to a Vexing Question: Why Don’t Millennials Vote for Mayor?

This is how millennials "feel" about voting in local elections. Pull yourselves together, guys. | Screenshot from Knight Foundation study.

This is how millennials “feel” about voting in local elections. Pull yourselves together, people. | Screenshot from Knight Foundation study.

Voter turnout in last month’s super high stakes mayoral primary election was abysmal. Just 27 percent of registered Philadelphia voters turned out. That’s the worst showing in a competitive mayoral primary in the city’s modern history.

We don’t yet know who voted and who did not, though that data should be available soon. But it seems clear at least that young adults did not vote in large numbers. That’s not a surprise. It’s the norm. But why? Why are young voters so indifferent, particularly when it comes to local elections?

The Knight Foundation took a stab at answering that vexing question in a new study that featured focus groups with “millennial drop-off voters,” or people age 20 to 34 who voted in the last national election, but didn’t cast a ballot when the top jobs in City Hall were on the line. They interviewed a total of 60 such voters spread over three cities, one of which was Philadelphia. A few themes emerged. Read more »

BizFeed: Wawa Rushing to Open Center City Flagship For Pope Visit

Photo credit: Lauren Siegert via Flickr.

Photo credit: Lauren Siegert via Flickr.

1. Wawa Rushing to Open Center City Flagship

The News: Wawa is reportedly moving full-speed ahead to build its flagship location in Center City, hoping it will be completed by the Pope Francis visit in late September. The 5,300 square-foot store (with indoor seating!) will replace the Robinson Luggage store at Broad and Walnut Streets.

The Philadelphia Business Journal spoke to Larry Steinberg, senior vice president of Wawa’s retail brokerage firm CBRE, who said the retailer is “rushing to open prior to the Pope’s visit.” Read more »

BizFeed: Amtrak Lawsuits Face $200M Hurdle

A crime scene investigator looks inside a train car after a train wreck, Tuesday, May 12, 2015, in Philadelphia. An Amtrak train headed to New York City derailed and crashed in Philadelphia. (AP Photo/Joseph Kaczmarek)

After Tuesday’s Amtrak crash, expect plenty of lawsuits, but law states that damages will be capped at $200 million. (AP Photo/Joseph Kaczmarek)

1. Lawsuits a Certainty After Amtrak Crash, But Damages Capped at $200M

The News: In the wake of the Amtrak train crash, expect a slew of personal injury lawsuits against the company — especially considering that the train reportedly went double the speed limit and that Amtrak’s CEO said the company takes “full responsibility.” The first lawsuit comes from Amtrak employee Bruce Phillips who says he suffered brain trauma, body injuries and emotional stress, according to NBC10.

Read more »

BizFeed: Millennials Officially Rule the Workforce; CEO Pay is Out of Control

millennial1. Millennials Become Largest Workforce in United States

The News: Congrats millennials, we officially own the workforce. Millennials (ages 18-34) now make up the largest group of workers in the United States with 53.5 million people compared to Gen Xers (ages 35-50) at 52.7 million. The job-hopping, tech-focused bunch surpassed their elders earlier this year, according to the Pew Research Center. Boomers, bless their hearts, came in a distant third at 44.6 million. They peaked in size in 1997.

Read more »

Move Over Millennials — In Philly, Boomers Are Booming

Much has been made of the Millennial “revolution” in this city in recent years, perhaps nowhere more than at this magazine. The attention is probably warranted, for reasons not worth delving into yet again (young adults have brought start-ups and pop-ups and optimism to Philly, yada, yada, yada). But too little attention has been paid to the booming number of boomers (and up) in Philadelphia.

That’s the focus of a new report by the Organisation of Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) titled “Ageing in Cities.” Philly is one of nine cities worldwide that are highlighted in the report, as examples of where the challenges of a fast-growing, retirement-age community will emerge. And soon. According to the study, Philly will see a huge increase in this demographic over the next five years: Read more »

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