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62 Percent of Americans Have Less Than $1,000 in Savings

A new study by GoBankingRates shows a very troubling trend for Americans: They’re not saving their money. In fact, the study found that 62 percent have […]


Student Debt and the Housing Market: Not As Badly Paired As You’d Think

This just in from the Department of Misconception Debunking: student loan debt in and of itself does not, we repeat, does not prevent young would-be […]


House Hunting Habits: Millennial Edition

We told you on Friday about the shaky confidence people have in the house-buying market. You know, how homeowners are feeling good about the current […]


25 Best Jobs for Millennials

Millennials (ages 18-34) now make up the largest group of workers in the United States with a cool 53.5 million people. But navigating their careers hasn’t been […]


Today’s First-Time Homebuyers Are Late Bloomers Compared to Those From Decades Ago

Know any millennials still on the rent bandwagon and with little to no aspiration to buy a house any time soon? It would be surprising […]


Tinder, Forbes Partner for Business Hookup App

Tinder isn’t just for dating anymore. In fact, the makers of the popular app have partnered with Forbes to create an app for the Under […]


3 Reasons Millennials Will Stay in Philly

Will cities be able to hold onto millennials as they grow up? It’s a big and scary question. Governing interviewed local officials from five cities that millennials have flocked […]

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Local Author Pens Debut Novel About Post-Graduation Blues

Moorestown native Jenni Fink’s debut novel, Sentenced to Life, reaches out to the millennial generation and assures us we’re doing just fine. “I tried to think […]

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Urban Millennials, We’re Screwed When the Climate Apocalypse Comes

In retrospect, I should never have clicked that link. It was Monday morning, after all, and the sun was just barely up. If you must […]

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Millennials More Likely to Look for Yoga Porn Than Prior Generations

Pornhub Insights, the research and analysis branch of the adult video purveyor Pornhub, teamed up with Mic and published an analysis of the habits of […]


Did Philly’s Biggest Dark Money Group Break the Law?

1. The dark money outfit Philadelphia 3.0 may have violated city law — and been a flop. The gist: A new, intriguing organization sprung up this year that was aimed […]


No Philly Companies Named Most Attractive Employers for Millennials

After 240,000 students at 1,753 universities ranked the most attractive companies, Philadelphia businesses were left out in the cold. In fact, both business and engineering students ranked their […]


BizFeed: Fortune’s No.1 Workplace for Millennials is a Chester Company You Probably Never Heard Of

The No. 1 Workplace for Millennials is based in Chester The News: After surveying nearly 90,000 employees under 35 years old, Fortune and Great Place to […]

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Why Do I Find Taylor Swift So Annoying?

It was hard not to cheer for Taylor Swift over the past couple days. Less than 24 hours after she penned a blog post criticizing […]


6 Sure-Fire Ways to Hire Talented Millennials

If you’re a business owner or an HR executive, I’m guessing you’re trying pretty hard to attract millennials to your organization. It’s easy to talk […]