Is Philly Facing a Post-Millennial Rental Crash?

Our apartment-building engine continues to chug along. Signs of activity recently sprouted on two more construction sites: Pearl Properties’ proposed 32-story apartment tower at 1910 […]


How Trump’s Election May Have Changed the Future of Philly Politics

Something is happening in this city. For years, many Philadelphians took democracy for granted. A pathetic 27 percent of registered voters cast ballots in the […]


How the City’s New Millennial Advisory Committee Could Change Philly Politics

On Wednesday, the city announced the 21 members of its first-ever Millennial Advisory Committee. The committee, which will meet monthly, is tasked with advising the city […]


Report: Young Adults in Philly More Likely to Live at Home, Less Likely to Have a Job

A new study claims that young adult Philadelphians are much more likely to live at home than their peers nationwide.

Hillary Clinton speaking at Temple University

Clinton Stumps for Millennial Votes at Temple

With just 50 days until the election, Hillary Clinton came to Temple today to pitch millennial voters on why she needs their votes. “Even if […]

Penn Museum - Olmec

Penn Museum’s Legends of the Hidden Temple Event Sold Out in 2 Days

It’s been a whirlwind couple of days for the staff at the Penn Museum. The phone has been ringing off the hook. The museum has […]


How to Make Your Offices Friendly for Boomers and Millennials

This is a Biz Philly guest column. Recently, Matt Burns, CEO and president of Burns Engineering, embarked on a move to new headquarters at 20th […]


Report: The Millennials Follow Their Parents to the ’Burbs

The oldest members of the Millennial generation are now entering their 30s, by which time many young adults have begun thinking about raising children. And […]


Center City Housing Market Still Strong, But…

Though the pace has slowed a bit from the torrid level of 2013, new housing continues to be produced in Greater Center City at a […]


Shocker: Millennials Want To Switch Jobs and Work From Home

Deloitte recently published its 2016 Deloitte Millennial Survey, in which it interviewed almost 8,000 millennials from 29 countries to find out how they feel about their employers, the workforce […]


Millennials Won — Mark Squilla’s “Promoters Bill” Is Dead

City Councilman Mark Squilla has decided to scrap his virally unpopular “Promoters Bill,” which came under fire last week from musicians, millennials and First Amendment advocates. The proposal would have required music venues […]


No, Millennials Aren’t Ruining the Workforce

First, a disclaimer. Even though I technically fall in the “millennial” camp — a generation that Pew defines as adults age 18-34 — I’m on […]


How Millennials Are Ruining the Workforce

As a boomer, I have a special interest in millennials. It’s the same sort of interest I have in car wrecks: I don’t want to […]


Millennials: They’re Doing Thanksgiving Better Than You

“There are lies, damn lies and statistics,” Mark Twain famously said, and it was the last of these that struck me in an article published […]


7 Ways Millennials Can Network Without Feeling Like Pests

Networking is all about building relationships and adding value. So as a millennial, what can you offer a more experienced “connector” so that you don’t […]