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Millennials Don’t Vote for the Same Reason Your Generation Didn’t

A lot of people are really, really worried about the fact that millennials don’t vote in mayoral elections. But maybe they shouldn’t be. Don’t get […]

City Life

Relax, Everyone: Millennials Are Getting Laid Plenty

Two studies came out recently showing that — surprise! — millennials get laid less than their parents did. My Baby Boomer colleague Sandy Hingston wrote that as soon as […]


Some Answers to a Vexing Question: Why Don’t Millennials Vote for Mayor?

Voter turnout in last month’s super high stakes mayoral primary election was abysmal. Just 27 percent of registered Philadelphia voters turned out. That’s the worst […]


BizFeed: Wawa Rushing to Open Center City Flagship For Pope Visit

1. Wawa Rushing to Open Center City Flagship The News: Wawa is reportedly moving full-speed ahead to build its flagship location in Center City, hoping it will […]


BizFeed: Amtrak Lawsuits Face $200M Hurdle

1. Lawsuits a Certainty After Amtrak Crash, But Damages Capped at $200M The News: In the wake of the Amtrak train crash, expect a slew […]


BizFeed: Millennials Officially Rule the Workforce; CEO Pay is Out of Control

1. Millennials Become Largest Workforce in United States The News: Congrats millennials, we officially own the workforce. Millennials (ages 18-34) now make up the largest group of workers in […]


Move Over Millennials — In Philly, Boomers Are Booming

Much has been made of the Millennial “revolution” in this city in recent years, perhaps nowhere more than at this magazine. The attention is probably […]


Millennials Hate Cars, Right? Wrong.

Millennials hate cars. They’re all about Uber and bicycles and subways, right? Well, apparently the conventional wisdom is now wrong. Like really wrong. According to […]

City Life

Should Philly Bars Stay Open Till 4 a.m.?

Is the way to the hearts of Philadelphia millennials through their alcohol-soaked livers? Rep. Jordan Harris thinks so — the Philly Democrat this week said […]


Philly Ranked 4th Most Walkable U.S. City

Philadelphia is the fourth most walkable large city in the country, according to Walk Score (a company that produces the “go-to metric for walkable cities,” says […]

City Life

Why Philly’s Millennials Aren’t Buying Houses

I love Philly, but I’m not going to buy a house here — at least, not anytime soon. Neither, it seems, are thousands of millennials […]

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That Moment You Realize Fast and Furious Is Your Favorite Modern Movie Series

It’s a special kind of terror that sits on your shoulders when, after doing your best to keep your nose in the air and parse […]


Millennials Aren’t Flocking to Cities Anymore—Can Philly Buck the Trend?

Half a million fewer Millennials picked up and left to start over in new locations following the Great Recession, according to a new study released by […]


Center City’s Housing Market Is Surging, But For How Long?

Center City has recovered from the recession, and then some. Developers built 1,983 new housing units in Center City last year, a robust total that is […]


Urban Homeownership Is Dying Away

[Updated at 8:15 p.m. with context from a Pew Philadelphia Research Initiative study on the same subject.] Cities are booming, but urban homeownership is fading […]