So Much for Post-Racial Millennials, Sports

For Americans, the sports stadium is the sanctuary where we all give praise to the same gods. The allure of sports, of course, is that they seem fall in line with our democratic values of fairness; the athletic field is where meritocracy is the law of the land and skill is the great equalizer.

Sports are turned to in times where basic human decency has fallen short; we view sports as a salve for our country’s pesky “race problem.” But according to a big Patriot News enterprise feature about race and Pennsylvania’s high school sports — “Unchecked, Unchallenged and Unabashed: Is racism in high school sports being tolerated?”— racism is just as imbued in the locker room as anywhere else, even among our supposedly post-racial young people.

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Players Resist NFL Concussion Settlement

The Philadelphia Business Journal reports that seven retired players — including former Eagle Sean Considine — are asking the U.S. District Court in Philadelphia to intervene in the NFL concussion lawsuit. They’re challenging a proposed $765 million settlement of the lawsuit, saying they’re concerned the payout wouldn’t apply to all affected ex-players who need help. U.S. District Judge Anita Brody had earlier rejected the settlement for similar reasons. “They’re people who have a very strong belief that players like themselves have been injured and this settlement process and this settlement has treated them unfairly,” attorney Steven Molo of the New York-based MoloLamken firm representing the players, told the Los Angeles Times. “They had long, sustained, high-quality careers in the NFL. They’re not people who are just trying to make a quick buck off this.”




Why the Eagles Should Draft Michael Sam

Instead of presenting a long list of reasons the Eagles should draft Michael Sam, the Mizzou offensive lineman who came out of the closet on Sunday and stands to be the first openly gay player in the NFL, let me present two words:

Michael Vick.

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