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City Life

John Bolaris Just Can’t Help Himself When a Big Snowstorm Is on the Way

If you live in Philly, you can count on three things happening during a snowstorm. First, a fight will break out over saved parking spots. […]

Be Well Philly

Hilarious Tweet Reminds Us to Stock Up on What We Really Need for the Snowstorm

In case you’ve somehow managed to miss the warnings: We are slated to get some snow tonight and tomorrow. Around eight to 12 inches of […]

City Life

More Than 1,000 Flights Already Cancelled at Philly Airport

If you were still hoping to catch tonight’s 9 p.m. American Airlines flight from Philadelphia to Orlando, you’re out of luck. That flight, along with […]

City Life

Here’s the Latest on the Snowstorm Headed Our Way Tonight

One of the warmest winters on record is set to go out with a bang. Forecasters are warning that a winter storm starting later tonight will bring […]

Snowy / Sunny

Some Weather Today, Huh?

The above photos were taken four hours apart from my office. What a day! The forecast called for snow in Philadelphia today, but at 9 […]

City Life

The Best Thing That Happened This Week: Our Favorite Kind of Snow Day

You’re right, you’re right; it’s annoying to rearrange your whole schedule because the weather people warn of an impending Snowmageddon. And yeah, it’s totally aggravating to […]

City Life

WATCH: Cory Popp Captured Rittenhouse in the Snow This Morning

OK, so it might not have snowed that much this morning, despite the fact that the city declared a snow emergency, mostly all school were […]


Happy Snow Day Everyone!

I know, I know… Everyone was predicting a Snowpocalypse today and what we got was just a little bit of snow, in February, which is […]

City Life

Here’s What’s Happening With Today’s Snow

Philly this morning looks significantly different from the 60-degree paradise it was yesterday. The first significant snowstorm of the year is upon us, and you can […]

Snowstorm totals

Don’t Get Too Comfy in Those Shorts: It Really Is Going to Snow Tomorrow

The city is alive today. It hit 64 degrees. People are walking around in shorts — lots of people, not just the percentage of Philadelphians […]

Snowfall totals from National Weather Service

We’re Getting Our First Snowfall of the Year

The temperature has dropped. PennDOT is treating the roads. It’s true: We’re getting our first snowfall of the season. This morning’s forecast from the Philadelphia/Mt. […]

January 2016 snowstorm
City Life

Spring Could Bring One Last Snow to Philly

Yes, it’s been unseasonably warm lately — heck, it’s been unseasonably warm all winter — but don’t say Nature doesn’t have a sense of humor: Spring […]


Op-Ed: Can an App Help Fight the Scourge of Unshoveled Sidewalks?

(Editor’s note: This is an opinion column from guest writer Mark Headd. Headd was the Chief Data Officer for the City of Philadelphia from 2012 to […]

January 2016 snowstorm
City Life

Gov. Wolf Requests Federal Disaster Money for January Snowstorm

January’s snowstorm was so bad, Tom Wolf wants federal money to help recover from it. Pennsylvania’s governor announced today he has requested federal disaster assistance […]

City Life

NWS Calling for 3 to 4 Inches of Snow in Philly; More in Western ’Burbs

While we didn’t see much snow in Philly last night or today (city officials even resumed trash service), we may not be in the clear just yet. As […]