How to Still See Your Doctor During the Snowstorm

Jefferson’s virtual appointments have patients covered.

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If you’re that unlucky person who’s got a doctor’s appointment scheduled during this week’s snowstorm, you may not be that unlucky after all.

Patients scheduled for a Tuesday and Wednesday appointment with a doctor at Jefferson can have their visits converted into a virtual video visit with the same doctor. And patients seeking urgent care can do the same. 

To set up a visit, patients should contact JeffConnect before the appointment at 215-503-5515 or by emailing And connecting for the appointment is simple, you’ll just need a smartphone or a computer with a webcam.

Those in need of urgent care can download the JeffConnect app to have a video visit with a Jefferson emergency physician. And it’ll happen “in minutes,” the health network says.

With the initiative available year round, Jefferson says it’s using tech to bring healthcare right to patients. It looks like the snowstorm won’t completely stall your schedule.

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