Hilarious Tweet Reminds Us to Stock Up on What We Really Need for the Snowstorm

You know what snowstorm-induced boredom breeds? Babies.

In case you’ve somehow managed to miss the warnings: We are slated to get some snow tonight and tomorrow. Around eight to 12 inches of the white stuff in Philly, to be exact. Meaning you’ll probably be cooped up in your home without a whole lot to do (after you’ve completed your snow-day workout, that is). And you know what boredom breeds? Babies. As we’ve told you guys before, research shows that nine months after a major weather event, there tends to be a baby boom.

This brings us to a pretty hilarious tweet from Philly Public Health earlier today, featuring your #Snowmageddon2017 shopping list: Milk, eggs, bread and — here’s where things stray from the aisles of Trader Joe’s — condoms. The tweet links to the over 100 sites where folks can grab free condoms around the city. Do with this information what you will, snow bunnies.

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