The Checkup: Why Philly Could Have a Baby Boom in 9 Months

And more health headlines to start your day.

• If your friends were a bit dodgy about what they did to keep busy while they were snowed in over the weekend, this could be why: they may have been making a baby. Apparently, there’s a scientifically documented baby bump nine months after a major weather event — you know, when everybody’s trapped in their house for a few days with nothing to do. Go figure. [NPR]

• Take a good, long look in the toilet next time you take a bathroom break—the color of your urine could be screaming some vital information at you. Check out this color-coded guide for what it means. [Self]

• Think you can take a weekend off from your clean-eating habits? Think again. New research found that weekend-long lapses in your good diet habits could be wreaking havoc on your gut bacteria (and some other rather important body systems). [Men’s Fitness]

• Have you tried avocado oil yet? Here are seven ways to cook with it. [Fitness Magazine]

• And the 2016 superfood is … pulses. Er, what the heck are those? [Greatist]

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