The Ultimate Guide to Living Room Workouts for Snowy Days

Indoor workouts for every fitness goal



Okay, okay, so we didn’t quite the get snowy wallop weather forecasters predicted. But by the looks of my desolate office and the largely deserted train cars, buses and sidewalks during my commute in, it seems some of you are holing up at home, anyway. Put some of that indoor time to good use with these workouts that require little more than floor space in your living room.

We mined the archives of our BeWOW workouts to create a list of trainer-approved, choose-your-own-adventure-style challenges that’ll keep you more than occupied indoors. If you have a mat, it might be nice to use it to cushion your hands or back for some of these moves, but a towel or even bathmat will work just as well.

So get your body warmed up and prepare to sweat. Happy #AlmostButNotQuiteSnowpocolypse, people.

Kick Up the Cardio

Total time: 15 minutes
Perform each of the following exercises at the highest intensity you can muster for 50 seconds, followed by 10 seconds of rest. Repeat the circuit three times.

Mountain climbers
Tuck jumps (If too difficult, do squat jumps.)
Ski jumpers
Run steps (If you don’t have a set of steps, do stationary high knees.)

Crush Your Abs

Total time: 20 minutes
Instructions: Perform the following circuit of exercises, top to bottom, as many times through as you can in 20 minutes. Try to rest for no more than 1 minutes between circuits.

20 sit-ups
20 lunge jumps
1 minute plank
20 toe touches
20 ab twists
20 rocking planks
20 flutter kicks (Left and right is one rep.)
1 minute plank with oblique crunch

Plank It Out

Total time: 15 minutes
Perform the exercises as prescribed below. Complete the circuit three times. 

60 seconds: Plank hold on hands
30 seconds: Plank up-downs
60 seconds: Side plank (facing left)
30 seconds: Plank with alternating leg raise
60 seconds: Side plank (facing right)
30 seconds: Plank hold on elbows
30 seconds: Rest

All About Legs

Total time: 30 minutes
Instructions: Perform the circuits three times each, with a 30-second plank between circuits.

Squat circuit x 3
10 squats
10-second squat hold
10 squat jumps
30-second plank

Lunge circuit right x 3
10 stationary lunges right
10-second lunge hold right
10 lunge jumps (alternating left and right)
30-second plank

Lunge circuit left x 3
10 stationary lunges left
10-second lunge hold left
10 lunge jumps (alternating left and right)
30-second plank

Glutes and hamstring circuit x 3
10 bridges with leg lift 
10-second wall sit
10 reverse leg lifts with hip extension
30-second plank

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