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SEPTA Suspending Most Service Saturday Due to Probable Blizzard

Want more proof that this is no ordinary storm? SEPTA General Manager Jeffrey Knueppel announced at a news conference this morning that almost all service […]

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Philly’s 8 Best #Savesies Tools, Ranked

We’re not here to debate #Savesies. As you probably know, the practice is illegal. Should you spend Saturday morning digging the car out, you’re expected […]

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Snow Day Plans: Run Secret Snow Day Beer Mile with Run215

The snow is a comin’, friends. If you can already feel the cabin fever kicking in, know that you don’t have to stay on your […]

Forecast map - Philadelphia snowfall - National Weather Service

Here’s What You Need to Know About the Snowstorm

We’re going to get walloped with snow this weekend. The latest snowfall forecast from the National Weather Service’s Mt. Holly branch says the city will […]

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It’s Cold. Make Sure Your Pets Are Warm.

Here’s a reminder as the Philadelphia region waits to be pummeled by a blizzard: Your pets want to stay warm, too. That lesson has been […]

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Philly Is Officially Under Blizzard Watch

It’s official: Philly is now under a “blizzard watch.” In Star Trek terms, that’s about a yellow alert. Red alert? That’s when the white stuff […]

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Study: Eating Snow Is Gross — Even if It’s Fluffy and White

Ask any five-year-old you know and they will tell you: There’s just something about a giant pile of fresh, white snow that makes you want […]

NWS - snowfall prediction
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Philly Is Looking at About a Foot of Snow This Weekend

The snow is coming. And now we know how much it could be. The latest forecast from the National Weather Service’s Mt. Holly Bureau predicts snowfall […]

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The Latest on the Looming Weekend Snowstorm

Can you hear it, Philadelphia? Your co-workers are whispering about it. People on the Internet are tweeting about it. People in the media are covering […]


8 Snow Boots That Are Warm, Weatherproof – and Actually Stylish

So, you thought we’d escaped another Philly winter? Think again. Snow (and a lot of it) is possibly on its way. If weather predictions are correct, you have about […]

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Don’t Panic, But It Could Snow a Lot This Weekend

The first big snowfall of the year could be on the way. Sure, it snowed yesterday. And though it made for slippery conditions on the […]

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This Winter You’ll Be Able to Track PennDOT Snow Plows

If we ever get snow this winter — a big “if” — techies and good government types have a special treat waiting for them: They’ll […]

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Is It Winter Yet?

Is it winter yet? Technically, the coldest season started a few weeks ago, right before Christmas, but unseasonably warm temperatures without a snow could easily […]

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There’s No Winter Wonderland for Philly

It’s already too late for a White Christmas. Now the question is: Will we have a White Winter — at all? We’re off to a bad […]

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Cecily Tynan Beats Hurricane Schwartz in Long-Range Winter Forecast Battle

Thursday was pretty much the Super Bowl of the local weather wars, with 6 ABC gale force goddess Cecily Tynan delivering her yearly Winter Weather […]