SugarHouse Casino Is Staying Open This Weekend

According to a spokesman for SugarHouse, you’ll be able to play all the slots you want during Winter Storm Jonas.

SugarHouse Casino - interior

Photo courtesy of SugarHouse Casino

The Reading Terminal Market is closed on Saturday. SEPTA is only running the El and the Broad Street Line. The city is bunkering in for the anticipated big snowstorm. We have a huge list of closures due to the snow.

Well, phooey to them. You’ll still be able to lose it all (or maybe win big) at SugarHouse Casino this Saturday. That’s right: As of now, SugarHouse is planning to stay open this weekend.

“SugarHouse Casino expects to remain open,” Jeff Shurilla, a spokesman for SugarHouse, said. “We are monitoring conditions and will make decisions accordingly.”

So while the forecast says we’re likely getting between 18 and 24 inches of snow, at the casino it will still say 7-7-7. Or, you know, whatever goofy crap slot machines say these days.

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