Despite Blizzard, Many Will Be #OpenInPHL

Snow - Philly skyline - Artist's conception

No matter how much snow we get this weekend, some bars and restaurants just won’t be closing. | Artist’s rendition

As this winter storm approaches everyone is boasting that they are open today. Some are even promising that they will be open no matter what. A snow day in the city is a collaborative event. Workers, customers hanging out in a shared experience. Swapping stories of the wind and snow banks they had to overcome to reach that warm bar or hearty plate of pasta. In our digitally obsessed world, a snow day is day where camaraderie trumps Facebook, conversing face-to-face crushes SnapChat and new friends and memories are made. That’s not to say we’re anti-technology, after all the #OpenInPHL hashtag couldn’t work if it weren’t for Twitter. But there’s something special about a snow day. Enjoy it, but most of all, let’s be safe out there.

If you’re a business owner, announce that you’re open on Twitter with the hashtag, #OpenInPHL.

Updated: As more businesses and media outlets and opportunists use the #OpenInPHL hashtag, the results are getting muddied. We’ve created two new widgets below to show what bars are open and what restaurants are open.

Bars #OpenInPHL