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One of Us: Bart Blatstein, Developer

My name is … Bart Blatstein. But that’s not my legal name. Bart is short for Barton, but I haven’t used Barton since first grade, […]

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One of Us: Seth Williams, Philadelphia District Attorney

My name is … Rufus Seth Broussard Williams. It’s a mouthful. I go by “Seth” because … my parents always called me that. And “Rufus […]

Things to Do

One of Us: Eric Bazilian of the Hooters

My name is … Eric Bazilian, which is apparently really hard to spell. I’ve gotten every imaginable permutation. I am … a guy in a […]

City Life

One of Us: Ramona Africa, MOVE Member

My name is … Ramona Africa. My mother named me Ramona, and Africa comes from my membership in MOVE. It symbolizes the origin of life, […]


One of Us: Dom Streater, Fashion Designer

My name is … Dom Streater. It’s short for Dominique. Growing up, I had myriad nicknames: Domo, Domino, Domino Brown Sugar, Dom. And Dom was […]

Things to Do

One of Us: Yannick Nézet-Séguin

My name is … Yannick Nézet-Séguin, since I was 16. I was born Yannick Séguin, but I decided to legally add my mother’s last name, […]

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One of Us: Patti LaBelle

My name is … Patti LaBelle. I was born Patricia Louise Holte. Patti LaBelle came from Harold B. Robinson, a car dealer in Philadelphia, who […]

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One of Us: Burger Guru Tommy Up

My name is … Tommy Up. My real last name is Updegrove, but it’s really difficult for people to spell for some reason. So to […]

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Philadelphia Eagles Owner Christina Lurie Once Squeezed Through The Dog Door

My name is … Christina, a.k.a. Christina Weiss Lurie. I’m definitely keeping the Lurie. It’s who I am. I am a … film producer, Eagles […]

Friday Night Lights Author Buzz Bissinger
City Life

Buzz Bissinger Is Trying to Chill Out

My name is … Buzz Bissinger. I was born Harry Gerard Bissinger III. “Buzz” was a nickname given to me at birth by my mother. […]

Democratic Boss Bob Brady
City Life

One of Us: Bob Brady

My name is … Bob Brady, or Robert A. Brady. The “A” stands for Alan. My father was Robert G. Brady, and he didn’t want […]

City Life

Preston Elliot From Preston & Steve Loves to Sing Journey’s ‘Stone In Love’

My name is … Preston Elliot. There’s an uncle somewhere in the family tree named Preston. I am … an avid golfer. My handicap is […]