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One of Us: Son Little

My real name is … Aaron Earl Livingston. My stage name comes from … a dream. Early in life, my family nicknamed me “Little Son,” […]

City Life

One of Us: Nick Elmi

The Top Chef winner, 37, has one of the hardest tables to get in Philly (Laurel) and is behind the eagerly anticipated Royal Boucherie in […]

City Life

One of Us: Nydia Han

My full name is … Nydia Hyungah Han. “Hyungah” is Korean for “bright and graceful.” People always ask me where Nydia comes from. My father’s […]

City Life

One of Us: William Hite

My full name is … William Rodger Hite Jr. I grew up in … Richmond, Virginia. I came to Philly … in the summer of […]

City Life

One of Us: Jim Kenney

My name is … James Francis Kenney. I grew up in … South Philly, at 3rd and Snyder. Mummerland. I wanted to grow up to […]

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One of Us: Conservative Firebrand Christine Flowers

My name is … Christine Marie Rachael Flowers. That’s my confirmation name. My mom got the idea crossing the Christina River. I’m glad it wasn’t […]

Be Well Philly

One of Us: Nicole Marquis

My name is … Nicole Yvonne Marquis. My name is super French, but my mother — her name is Yvonne — is Puerto Rican. My […]

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One of Us: Jay Wright

My name is … Jerold Taylor Wright Jr. I’m named after my father, and it’s also my son’s name. I was raised in … Churchville, […]

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One of Us: Erin Elmore

My name is … Erin Maryn Elmore. It’s pronounced like the county near San Francisco where Sausalito is. My parents were there when they were […]

City Life

N.A. Poe Is the Hardest Working Pothead in Philly

My name is … N.A. Poe. My friends call me Poe.

Things to Do

One of Us: Kenny Gamble

My name is … Kenny Gamble, although sometimes people call me Mr. Huff. I was born … at Philadelphia General Hospital in 1943, and grew […]

City Life

One of Us: Fergus Carey

My name is … Fergus Carey, but I play the role of “Fergie” in the City of Philadelphia. Fergus was a wise and sexy king. […]

Things to Do

One of Us: David Morse

My name is … David Bowditch Morse, after Nathaniel Bowditch, the father of modern navigation. He was a relative from the 1800s and a remarkable […]

City Life

One of Us: Herb Lusk

My full name is … Reverend Doctor Herbert Hoover Lusk II. But since I met the Pope in September, my friends are jokingly calling me […]

City Life

Jim Beasley Jr.: The (Literally) High-Flying Attorney

My name is … Jim Beasley, or JBJ, as everybody calls me. It’s short for Jim Beasley Jr. I am a … teenager trapped in […]