Michael Nutter


CNN Declines to Renew Michael Nutter’s Punditry Contract

As the national news cycle grows more and more tempestuous, it seems like the big cable news channels are responding by churning through their pundits […]


Why Michael Nutter Thinks He Had the Best Job in Politics

The Rundown Age: 60 CV: 4th District City Councilman (1992-2006); 98th Mayor of Philadelphia (2008-’16) List of current gigs, abridged: Pundit (CNN), professor (Columbia), fellow […]

Michael Nutter looks through a smartphone

Where Did All The Jobs Go? Michael Nutter Took Them!

The official U.S. unemployment rate last month was 4.8 percent. Some say the actual unemployment rate is higher, for various reasons. I have another theory: […]


Philly’s Public Defender: George Soros’s Associates Wanted Me to Run for D.A.

Why would an up-and-coming progressive turn down billionaire George Soros? That’s the question some Philadelphia Democrats are now asking, after chief public defender Keir Bradford-Grey told her employees last […]


Mayor Kenney, Don’t Shut Out the Press

Last week, Mayor Jim Kenney put up a blockade between his office and the press regarding what has turned out to be one of his […]


Enough With the Free Turkeys, Politicians — Get Serious About Reducing Poverty

The older I get, the more I realize that for all of the progress Philadelphia prides itself on, there is still so much that needs […]


The Best Zingers From Former City Rep.’s Lawsuit Against Controller Alan Butkovitz

Former City Representative Desiree Peterkin Bell sued City Controller Alan Butkovitz yesterday, claiming he defamed her earlier this month by saying she used a city-established nonprofit “as […]

Hillary Clinton - West Philadelphia High School rally

Clinton Campaign Announces “Pa. African Americans for Hillary”

After a voter registration drive and policy speech in Philadelphia Tuesday, Hillary Clinton’s campaign launched “Pennsylvania African Americans for Hillary” on Wednesday. Included in the […]


Nutter Appointed to Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia Advisory Council

The Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia announced Monday that former Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter has been appointed to the Economic and Community Advisory Council (ECAC). The council […]


City Controller: Nutter Aide Used Nonprofit Like a “Slush Fund”

City Controller Alan Butkovitz alleged during a press conference Tuesday that a top aide to former Mayor Michael Nutter used a nonprofit “as if it were […]


Philly’s Deviant Political Culture, Explained

Because this is 2016 and I’m a journalist, I was on Twitter when I first saw the news that FBI agents were raiding Johnny Doc’s […]


Report: Clinton Considering Nutter for Cabinet Post

Former Mayor Michael Nutter may be under consideration for a cabinet post if Hillary Clinton is elected president in November, Politico reports.


Nutter Spoke at the DNC and Somehow Didn’t Perform “Rapper’s Delight”

Former Mayor Michael Nutter just addressed the crowd at the Democratic National Convention and, shockingly, managed not to break into “Rapper’s Delight” like he always […]

Front page of MANUTTER.com

Michael Nutter’s New Website URL Is Manutter.com

Man utter. That’s how I first read the URL of Michael Nutter’s new website, manutter.com, which launched today in advance of his speech at the Democratic […]


The Soda Tax Battle’s Biggest Winners and Losers

One of the longest and most expensive political wars in recent Philadelphia history has come to an end. On Thursday, City Council voted 13-4 to enact a tax on […]