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If Fattah Goes Down, Who Would Voters Replace Him With?

It finally happened: Philadelphia Democratic U.S. Rep. Chaka Fattah was indicted on corruption charges Wednesday. Already, political insiders are wondering if the congressman will resign in the coming months or simply choose not […]

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Mayor Launches Free-Book Program for Low-Income Kids

This afternoon, Mayor Nutter announced the launch of Playstreet Book Club, a pilot program that aims to keep children from low-income families reading while they’re out of school for […]


The Brief: What Will Happen to the Homeless During the Pope’s Visit?

1. Organizers say they are carefully considering the needs of homeless people as they make preparations for the Pope’s visit. The gist: On Monday, Mayor Michael Nutter got […]


Nutter’s International Trip Hopes to Lure Businesses to Philly

Mayor Michael Nutter is once again leaving Philadelphia — this time going to Frankfurt, Germany and Tel Aviv, Israel in an effort to lure businesses […]

City Life

Rich Negrin: My Day Begins and Ends With Gun Violence

Richard Negrin, Philadelphia’s managing director, gets the question over and over again: “What’s your typical day like?” A few weeks ago, he decided to pick a random […]


The Brief: Mayor Nutter Rapped With The Roots in an Epic Performance

1. Mayor Michael Nutter performed “Rapper’s Delight” with The Roots at the Philly 4th of July Jam this weekend. The gist: You remember when Mayor Nutter did it at […]


Philly’s Tax Lien Sale Sucked*

Philadelphia’s first tax lien sale under Mayor Michael Nutter was a flop. But it was also kind of amazing. I’ll explain, but first, a quick primer on this […]


The Brief: Why No One in Philly Smokes Anymore

1. Philly’s smoking rate has fallen to a record low. The gist: CBS3 reports that “the percentage of adult Philadelphians who smoke has dropped from 27.3 percent in 2008 […]

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The Best Thing That Happened This Week: The NRA Took a Hit


Is Bad Data Costing Philly Millions?

When governments collect bad data, it isn’t just a headache for bureaucrats and taxpayers. It can also cost states and cities millions of dollars. Take California, where […]

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Nutter Heads Back to Vatican

  Mayor Nutter is leading a trip to the Vatican this week as officials on both sides continue their planning for Pope Francis‘s September visit […]

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No New Prison for Philly (for Now)

It’s official: Councilman Bobby Henon’s bill that would have paved the way for a new prison in Philadelphia is dead for the season.


How the Beverage Lobby Quietly Killed the Soda Tax in Philly, Again

Much in the same way that the best lawyers kill lawsuits before they ever make it to trial, the best lobbyists kill legislation before it is […]

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Philly Lawmakers Put Off Vote to Spend $7M on Land for New Prison

For the third time this year, Councilman Bobby Henon held a bill Thursday that would allow the city to spend more than $7 million to buy land […]

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PHOTOS: AIDS Education Month Kicks Off With Opening Reception

This week, Philadelphia FIGHT kicked off its 21st annual AIDS Education Month (AEM) with an afternoon reception at the Independence Visitor Center. The event drew community leaders and local […]