Nutter Heads Back to Vatican

Two sides are still planning out details of Pope Francis's trip to Philly.


Mayor Nutter meets Pope Francis during an earlier visit to the Vatican.


Mayor Nutter is leading a trip to the Vatican this week as officials on both sides continue their planning for Pope Francis‘s September visit to Philadelphia.

CBS Philly reports

Mayor Nutter says in person meetings to hammer out the details of the event are key:

“There are only so many things you can do over the phone or over the internet.”

He says during this trip they must make sure all of the parties responsible for security are on the same page:

“This is essentially a secret service event. That’s of course the federal government, the Philadelphia Police Department, State Police, SEPTA Police, Vatican Police, Italian Government Police and the Swiss Guard who are personal protectors of Pope Francis. All those agencies have to work very very well together.”

6ABC says that the pope’s safety is of paramount concern, but so it preparing Philadelphia for an onslaught of 2 million visitors.

“No doubt about it, there will be inconveniences, life will change for the citizens of Philadelphia in terms of moving about the city, especially towards the end of the week as we get closer to the pope’s arrival,” said Bishop John McIntyre, Archdiocese of Philadelphia.

The Archdiocese is looking forward to a once in a lifetime experience.

“Most people never have a chance to travel to Rome and for him to come to us is certainly a huge deal,” said Bishop McIntyre.

The delegation expects to return on Friday.