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One Moment From John Fetterman’s Past Could Derail His Senate Bid

The lieutenant governor has been on a meteoric rise from small-town mayor to darling of the national punditocracy. But one lingering incident from 2013 — and how it plays in places like Philly — may determine just how far his political journey goes.

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Karens Were Dangerous Before. Now They’re Armed

Karens — racist people who weaponize white supremacy against Black people — have permeated every level of American life, all the way up to the Karen-in-Chief. It’s time to cancel Karen culture.

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Dear COVID Quitters, We Couldn’t Have Gotten This So Wrong Without You

As the pandemic death toll tops 122,000 in America — that’s 40 9/11’s — people are still fighting for the freedom to make it worse.

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We’re All Socialists Now in the New Coronavirus Reality

Overnight, America became a nation of New Deal Democrats. Will that change the way we feel about the government?

mike bloomberg joe biden
City Life

How Mike Bloomberg Ate Joe Biden’s Lunch in Philadelphia

Scenes from a political earthquake.

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The Opioid Crisis Is Worsening Homelessness in Philly. Solving the Problem Is a Matter of Survival

On any given night, more than a thousand people are sleeping on the streets of our city.

City Life

Fact-Checking All of the Mysteries Surrounding Donald Trump and Penn

Why is everything about Trump’s time at Wharton shrouded in secrecy? We set out to uncover the truth.

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City Life

Lew Blum, the Tow-Truck King Philly Loves to Hate, Needs a Hug

He was known for hauling away illegally parked cars all over the city. Then he pissed off the wrong people.

Francis Malofiy
City Life

People Laughed When This Philly Lawyer Sued Led Zeppelin. Nobody’s Laughing Now.

Francis Malofiy may be the most hated man in the Philadelphia legal community.

City Life

What Does Daryl Metcalfe Have Against Philadelphia?

One reporter’s quest to find out what makes the state rep from Western Pennsylvania tick.

City Life

How Mount Airy’s Malcolm Nance Became a Hero of the Resistance

The former Navy covert-ops man is the cable news talking head everyone turns to for the truth.

City Life

Why a Philly Whistle-Blower Is Launching a Journalism Start-Up

Ten years ago, Wendell Potter turned whistle-blower. This year, he declares war.

City Life

How Jack Posobiec Became the King of Fake News

The Trump troll the Internet loves to hate is a 32-year-old kid from Norristown.

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Counterpoint: Here’s Why Pot Needs to Be Legal

City Life’s Commenters Are More Vile Than You Think