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I Love My Job: Construction Maven Angelo Perryman Is Behind Philly’s New LOVE Park

Angelo Perryman is one of Philadelphia’s most decorated businesspeople. Just this week the Perryman Building & Construction Services president and CEO received PHLCVB’s coveted Minority […]


PHOTOS: The LOVE Statue Comes Back to Philly

Are you feeling the love, Philly? No, I’m not talking about Valentine’s Day. This is about the LOVE statue, which has officially come home. The statue’s […]

love park

Here Are the Details on the LOVE Statue’s Long-Awaited Return

LOVE will soon be in the air. Couples and cameras, prepare yourselves: The LOVE Park statue will (at long last!) come back to its rightful […]

love park christmas village

It’s Finally Back: LOVE Park’s Christmas Village Opens on Thursday

Let’s face it: Dilworth Park just can’t stack up to LOVE Park when it comes to hosting our annual Christmas Village. It’s nothing against Dilworth: it’s […]


LOVE Park Will Reopen in November

It’s been more than a year and a half since Philly’s most famous park closed for renovations – and several months since we were first told […]

love park statue, love park pedestal

You Can Now Bid on the Pedestal of the LOVE Park Statue

Going once … going twice … the trapezoidal stainless-steel pedestal that held the LOVE Park statue – and was thus captured in an incalculable number of tourist, newlywed and […]

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Why Chunks of LOVE Park Are Being Shipped to Sweden

Apparently, Sweden knows a good thing when it sees it – even if Philly destroys that thing, which, in this case, is LOVE Park (as skateboarders know […]

the LOVE sculpture in Dilworth Park

Go See the LOVE Sculpture Now Before It Disappears for Restoration

With LOVE Park closing for renovations in February, the LOVE sculpture was moved from the place officially known as JFK Plaza to Dilworth Park. It’s […]


Second Phase of LOVE Park’s Facelift Kicks Off

LOVE Park entered the second phase of renovation in its $16.5 million facelift yesterday, and Mayor Jim Kenney as well as officials from the project’s […]


AMOR Sculpture By Robert Indiana May Get Permanent Home in Philly

The LOVE Sculpture by Robert Indiana is up there with the Liberty Bell and the cheesesteak for ubiquitous icons of Philadelphia-ness. And it may soon […]

Love Park install - Dilworth Park

Love Sculpture Moved From LOVE Park to Dilworth Park

For the George Young Company, it was a labor of love. Today, the company — working with Materials Conservation — moved the Love sculpture from […]


WATCH: That Time Ed Bacon Skateboarded Across LOVE Park

On Friday I wrote about how skateboarders turned LOVE Park into a great public place. The park is now being overhauled with a new design, […]


PHOTOS: Skateboarders Take Final Spins, Spills at LOVE Park

This week Mayor Jim Kenney announced that skating would be allowed at LOVE Park one last time before it’s closed for a massive overhaul. Dan […]


A Farewell: LOVE Park, Skateboard Mecca

In some ways, it seemed like a mean joke. Jim Kenney’s announcement that skateboarding was legal at LOVE Park was a great idea. It was […]


It’s Now Legal to Skateboard at LOVE Park (For a Few Days)

LOVE Park is slated for a a major redesign, and today is the groundbreaking. And today, Mayor Jim Kenney made a major announcement: At the LOVE […]