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City Life

How Do We Teach History in America Today?

On a Tuesday in late June, we gathered six distinguished local educators (meet the panel) in our offices in the Curtis building, just off Independence […]

City Life

What a German Taught Me About His Country and the Holocaust

Back when I was in college, a good friend started dating a German guy. He was from a small town in Bavaria and owned lederhosen […]

City Life

Education 2022: See No Evil. Hear No Evil. Teach No Evil?

When I reached out to Philadelphia journalism legend Linn Washington Jr. to ask if he would moderate a discussion about how — in the continuing […]

City Life

The Fight Over How to Teach America’s Past Is Itself a Test

Benjamin Franklin didn’t coin the phrase that nothing can be certain but death and taxes. Other writers said it first. But out of anyone, he, […]

lenape nation
City Life

For Years, People Said There Were No Lenape Left in Pennsylvania. This Group Begs to Differ.

It’s a muggy mid-September Sunday, and kayakers and vacationing families are taking in the calm waters of Mauch Chunk Lake, a small reservoir in the […]

dark history of penn's woods
City Life

Witchcraft, Boiled Bones, and All the Other Creepy Things We Learned About PA History in This New Book

Just in time for Halloween, Haverford’s Brookline Books has published Dark History of Penn’s Woods, a new book with the catchy subtitle Murder, Madness, and […]

philadelphia monuments
City Life

5 of Philly’s Most Meaningful Monuments, According to Monument Lab’s Paul Farber

We asked Monument Lab’s Paul Farber to pick five especially meaningful monumental places in Philly. The President’s House Opened in 2010, it shows where George […]

jawn origin
City Life

Some Jawn Youse Might Not Know About Jawn

So every once in a while, Philly’s peculiar linguistics bubble up into the cultural conversation. It could be when Bryce Harper wears his “Clearwooder” t-shirt. […]

historic cemeteries
City Life

Go Take a Stroll Through These Six Historic Cemeteries Around Philadelphia

Back when my kids were small and we lived in South Philly, my dad used to come in from the ’burbs once a week and […]

philadelphia pretzel history
City Life

How Philadelphia Became Pretzel Town, USA

We Philadelphians love us some pretzels. How much? We eat 12 times as many as anybody else in America, and we make 80 percent of […]

philadelphia snack foods

Eight Beloved Snack Foods With Surprising Philly Connections

Philly isn’t just about the history of America. This city has also been a hotbed of commercial baking innovation, with locals contributing to the creation […]

philadelphia ice cream history

10 Unforgettable Moments in Philly Ice-Cream History

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream when the weather gets summery and sultry. I mean, who doesn’t love ice cream? Chocolate, […]

philadelphia foods

Eight Foods You Don’t Know About Unless You’re From Philly

In our buy-local day and age, it’s hardly surprising that regional specialties have become all the fashion. From Native American Three Sisters recipes to New […]

the sound of philadelphia
City Life

An Oral History of the Sound of Philadelphia

In 1971, a lyrically gifted singer-songwriter from South Philly and a classically trained pianist from Camden launched Philadelphia International Records (PIR), a Black-owned hitmaking label […]

City Life

An Architecture Critic Ranks the Five Most Interesting Buildings in Philadelphia

One virtue of an old city like Philadelphia: It contains centuries’ worth of impressive buildings. Independence Hall. City Hall. The Art Museum … whether because […]