Pulitzer/Oprah-Approved Writer Colson Whitehead Speaks for Free at UPenn

After years as toiling away as a “beloved but kinda underappreciated” Genius-granted author, Colson Whitehead reached superstar status last year with the best-selling The Underground […]


Villanova Professor Sues CIA Over … Bay of Pigs?!

Villanova political science professor David Barrett knows more than most about the Central Intelligence Agency. The university boasts that Barrett is actually “one of the […]


Philly Firm Picked to Renovate the Alamo

Remember the Alamo? The old Texas mission is historic, but the area surrounding it feels less so — overgrown with hotels and office buildings. Now a […]


11 Things You Might Not Know About Leap Year

Happy February 29th, also known as “leap day” — a lunar event created by humans to compensate for the fact that the earth doesn’t orbit […]


Ardmore Collector Has Previously Unseen Letter From Amelia Earhart

A previously unseen letter written in 1933 by groundbreaking aviator Amelia Earhart has been acquired by Ardmore-based Raab Collection, which recently purchased the document from a private […]


10 Things You Never Knew About the Fairmount Park Mansions

A new book by James McClelland, executive director emeritus of the Philadelphia Art Alliance, and Lynn Miller, professor emeritus of political science at Temple University, […]


Thirty Years Later, MOVE Still Hurts

On May 13, 1985 — 30 years ago today — a city decided to selectively bomb its citizens. On Mother’s Day 1985, residents on a […]


9 Unbelievably True Tales of Philadelphia Mayors

The Philadelphia mayor’s race is in full swing — and something’s missing. It’s not as wild as the last time Philadelphia had a competitive Democratic […]


No, Ira Einhorn Is Not the Founder of Earth Day

Today is Earth Day, which means it’s time once again for an old story to make the rounds. Multiple news sources today have reported that […]


Was the Term “African American” Coined in Philadelphia?

To be honest, we thought the term “African American” was a relatively recent coinage, one of a million hyphenates to spring up in the post-Civil […]


I Went to a Nazi Concentration Camp on Saturday

I really didn’t want to visit Majdanek, a former Nazi concentration camp in Lublin, Poland. Like most people, I found Schindler’s List pretty difficult to […]


Behind the Flag: An Interview With Betsy Ross

I’m sewing for the first time, and it’s with Betsy Ross. I’m helping Betsy stitch a final ring onto one of the bed curtains she’s been […]


This Is the Monster We Celebrate on Columbus Day

A version of this story ran in 2012. Imagine, if you will, that the man who murdered your entire family, raped your daughter, sister, and […]


Remembering the Great Charles Bowser on His 84th Birthday

A version of this story ran in 2010. Many prominent, as well as not-so-prominent, Philadelphians have important stories to tell about the preeminent Charles W. […]


Philly Brothels: 1849 and Now

Last month, Slate‘s Rebecca Onion unearthed pure gold from the depths of the Library Company of Philadelphia‘s digital stacks. Guide to the Stranger or Pocket Companion for the Fancy is […]