Comcast’s Roberts Had One of America’s Biggest CEO Paychecks Last Year

The New York Times has compiled a fresh list that ranks 200 of the highest-paid CEOs in the country, and Comcast CEO Brian L. Roberts […]


Comcast Is Fighting an Embarrassing Net Neutrality War on Twitter

To much public dismay, the FCC voted last Thursday to begin dismantling Obama-era net-neutrality rules. Net neutrality keeps the internet free and open by requiring […]


You Can Now Get a Comcast Cell Phone Plan

It’s official: With the launch of a brand new Xfinity Mobile website, Comcast is in the wireless game, and its existing customers can now sign […]


Comcast Secures Tenth Spot on LinkedIn’s Top 50 Companies List

On Thursday, LinkedIn unveiled its 2017 top companies list and Comcast NBCUniversal scored the tenth spot, just ahead of both Airbnb and Netflix. The ranking, assembled using LinkedIn data […]

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Here’s Why Brookings Thinks Philly’s Innovation Scene Isn’t Competitive Enough

A new report released on Thursday by the nonprofit Brookings Institution tries to tackle a major, eternally looming question for Philadelphia: With all of the […]

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OPINION: The Real Reason Millennials Don’t Care About Internet Politics

When Congress passed a bill in March that condoned the sale of users’ browsing histories by their internet service providers, what struck me most about […]


Philly Just Launched Its Own “Dreamers // Doers” Chapter

There’s now a new Philly community for female entrepreneurs who want to support one another through the ups and downs of the entrepreneurial journey. Dreamers // […]


Comcast and Charter Step Into Wireless Partnership

On Monday Comcast announced that it’s joining forces with another cable giant — Charter Communications — the country’s second largest cable operator, to strengthen their respective […]


How Comcast Escaped Fyre Festival Doom

Comcast is just the latest name to be dropped in the Fyre Festival fallout, but the company’s connection has little to do with the botched […]


Film Gives Comcast First Quarter Earnings a Big Boost

As Comcast prepares to launch its wireless service, the telecom giant looks to be in great financial shape. The company reported first-quarter earnings and revenue […]


Verizon Open to a Merger Talk With Comcast

“Comcast Verizon NBCUniversal” just might become a thing at some point in the future. Don’t believe me? Here’s what Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam told Bloomberg […]

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Drone Photos Show “Trump 2020” on Top of New Comcast Tower

Although President Donald Trump‘s approval rating is hovering around just 48 percent, someone in Philly sure does like him.


Q&A: How Comcast May Still Sell Your Online Data Even Though It’s Promised Not To

Last month, Congress voted to repeal landmark online privacy rules written by the Obama administration. The rules, which were scheduled to take effect this year, […]


Comcast May Launch a Netflix Streaming Rival

The online video streaming landscape is already a crowded one. Netflix, Amazon and Hulu dominate the space and networks like CBS and HBO have already […]


Comcast Unveils Plans for Xfinity Mobile

Comcast is getting closer to launching its wireless service, and on Thursday, the telecom giant released more details about its upcoming plunge into the wireless phone […]