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Chuck Peruto

philadelphia lawyer chuck peruto and sean hagan, the man charged with a felony after he climbed a pole on broad street during a massive celebration over the Phillies going to the world series
City Life

Philly Today: Chuck Peruto Steps In to Defend Pole-Climbing Phillies Fan

Check phillymag.com each morning for the latest edition of Philly Today. And if you have a news tip for our hardworking Philly Mag reporters, please […]

philadelphia district attorney larry krasner, who is being sued by ex-cop Ryan Pownall
City Life

Nearly 3/4 of All Contributions to Larry Krasner This Year Came from Outside Philly

Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner sure does have a lot of friends — or at least supporters — in faraway places. With polls set to […]

chuck peruto and larry krasner
City Life

Chuck Peruto Says He’s Officially Running for District Attorney

It was close to a year ago when high-profile criminal defense attorney Chuck Peruto first told us he was considering a run for Philadelphia district […]

chuck peruto, the lawyer who is challenging larry krasner to become district attorney of philadelphia
City Life

Chuck Peruto Explains Why He Must Run Against Larry Krasner for Philly D.A.

Though we have a lot to get through before then — e.g. coronavirus and, you know, picking a president — Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner […]

cheesesteak history pats steaks philadelphia

The Cheesesteak: An Oral History

If you pick up the brand new issue of Philly Mag, you will see a cheesesteak from Joe’s gracing the cover. Inside the magazine, we […]

City Life

Peruto: “I Did Not Speak Ill” of Meek Mill Judge

Chuck Peruto, the well-known Philadelphia defense attorney who was quoted in a newspaper story published last week badmouthing a high-profile client, Common Pleas Court Judge […]

City Life

N.A. Poe to Plead Guilty to Drug Charges in Pot Party Case

Cannabis crusader N.A. Poe is expected to plead guilty in state court on Wednesday morning to drug charges stemming from last year’s big pot party […]


I Love My Job: Chuck Peruto

In this week’s edition of I Love My Job, we talk to high-profile Philly lawyer Chuck Peruto, who has defended deranged murderers, mafioso-types, and certain […]

City Life

NA Poe Hires Chuck Peruto, Who Says Poe Was “Face, Not Brains” of Pot Party

Well, the case surrounding NA Poe‘s raided pot party just got a little more interesting. Poe, whose real name is Richard Tamaccio, has retained Chuck […]

City Life

Santander Bank Sues Chuck Peruto Over His Hilarious Anti-Santander Billboard

Rittenhouse Square attorney Chuck Peruto is best known for his exceptional tan, his relationships with beautiful young women and, oh yeah, for defending some of […]

City Life

The Six Degrees Game of Love, Philly Celebrity Edition

Ever notice how for the bold-faced and famous here, Philadelphia’s social scene resembles a high school? The dating pool is shallow, everyone knows everyone else, […]

City Life

Seth Williams May Sue Chuck Peruto

When a grand jury announced there would be no prosecutions in the death of his girlfriend, defense attorney Chuck Peruto took square aim at District […]

City Life

Chuck Peruto Calls D.A. Seth Williams a “Fat Prick”

On Wednesday afternoon, Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams’ office announced that the Grand Jury investigation into the death of Chuck Peruto girlfriend Julia Law had […]