Seth Williams May Sue Chuck Peruto

District attorney doesn't like defense attorney's allegations.

When a grand jury announced there would be no prosecutions in the death of his girlfriend, defense attorney Chuck Peruto took square aim at District Attorney Seth Williams, calling the prosecutor a “fat prick.” Looks like the war isn’t going to end there.

Peruto is now defending State Rep. JP Miranda, the politician charged with paying his sister for a no-show job in his office. And his defense is rather … aggressive. The Daily NewsChris Brennan reports:

Peruto on Friday said he will be filing a motion to dismiss the charges against Miranda, citing as a factor his claim that the legislator and district attorney were dating the same woman last year.  Peruto claimed that was a motive in a “vindictive prosecution.”

Oh dear. Williams, as you can imagine, is not happy.

Williams, through a spokeswoman on Friday, denied that claim as “ludicrous.”  He later tweeted: “His claims are COMPLETELY FALSE and my civil attorney is considering a defamation slander libel suit.”

 Via Twitter, Brennan says he hasn’t seen evidence supporting Peruto’s allegation, but Peruto is promising a motion to dismiss, containing relevant facts, soon.