[UPDATE] Miranda Charged With Funneling Money to Sister

Hired a ghost employee as part of alleged scheme.

[Update: 1:28 pm] CBS Philly reports: “The Philadelphia district attorney today announced charges against a state lawmaker from Philadelphia. State representative Jose Miranda and his sister are charged with criminal conspiracy, perjury, and conflict of interest.

DA Seth Williams said today that Miranda had hired a “ghost” (non-working) employee named Timothy Duckett so that Miranda could funnel money to his sister, Michelle Wilson.

[Original] Fox 29 is reporting that State Representative J.P. Miranda, who represents North Philadelphia, will face charges today on “public corruption” accusations.

The arrest grows out of an investigation by (the district attorney’s) new Public Corruption Unit. The District Attorney is planning an early afternoon press conference to announce the charges.

In the spring of 2013, FOX 29 Investigates reported that a staffer in Miranda’s office was being paid by the state representative but spending much of his time at a garage he ran in the city. After FOX 29 alerted Representative Miranda about the work habits of legislative assistant Timothy Duckett, Jr., Miranda fired him claiming in a statement that he thought Duckett was performing “community outreach work.”

Philly.com adds:Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams has called a 12:30 p.m. news conference “to announce the arrest of a Pennsylvania State Representative,” according to a spokeswoman.  His office is not releasing any information until then.”