Chuck Peruto Calls D.A. Seth Williams a “Fat Prick”

Also, a "power tripping bum."

On Wednesday afternoon, Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams’ office announced that the Grand Jury investigation into the death of Chuck Peruto girlfriend Julia Law had concluded that there was no evidence of criminal activity in her death. Peruto took to Facebook to respond.

Here is Peruto’s statement in full:

10 days after Julia Law’s death, the medical examiner concludes it was an accident. That wasn’t good enough for that prick Seth Williams. Taxpayers spent huge money to see if I cleaned the tub, had any motive, or had anything whatsoever to do with her death, while I was 75 miles away.

Release the complete report that we paid for Mr. District Attorney. You spent our money on your witch hunt, and took eight months to do it, while my father was dying.

What killed her, why was I targeted, and why was a grand jury necessary? As I said months ago, we will never know what happened, because the D.A. will have to embarrass his friend and contributor.

Vote this power tripping bum out of office! I hope you sue me you fat prick.

Williams’s office did not immediately respond to a call seeking comment.

In August, Philly Mag profiled Peruto, one of the city’s most famous attorneys, and delved into the investigation surrounding her death.