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ClassPass Is Helping Fitness Studios Amid Coronavirus Closures … Sort Of

ClassPass is compensating instructors for live-streamed workouts, but not for prerecorded ones.

City Life

I Didn’t Sign Up to Teach Online Classes, But Here I Am

Adventures in the new world of education

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3 Philadelphians on How Fostering a Pet Has Been Soothing in Difficult Times

What better way to spend your time at home than with an adorable furry friend?

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8 Tips for Better Work-Life Balance at Home, from Philly Career Coaches

From creating a designated office to carving out time for yourself, here’s how you can feel a little better working from home.

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How This Philly Occupational Therapist Is Pursuing Wellness While Social Distancing

Social distancing for Joelle Atkinson meant lots of at-home workouts, home-cooked meals, and walks outside.

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How to Keep Your Skin Healthy and Glowing While Stuck at Home

Philly skincare experts offer their at-home tips and treatments, including DIY face masks and scrubs.

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Philly-Area Studios Streaming At-Home Meditation Classes

Because we all could use a little zen right now.

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Solidcore Just Laid off Most of Their Employees

Founder and CEO Anne Mahlum says she and the remaining 13 employees will be “focused on getting studios open as fast as possible.”

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12 Healthy Recipes Made from Foods with Long Shelf Lives

Time to put all those beans to good use.

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Sip-N-Glo Juicery Permanently Closes After Seven Years

On Sunday, the local juice company closed all three of their locations for good.

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How to Responsibly Stock Your Pantry, According to Philly Nutritionists

What and how much to buy, plus how to maintain proper nutrition.

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How Philly Fitness Studios Are Responding to Coronavirus

More publicizing of their intense cleaning practices, to start.

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How This Philly Recipe Blogger Juggles Meal Prep with Grad School

Sarah Schutz is the brains behind recipe blog The Cutting Veg, as well as a PhD student at Penn.

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How This Philly-Area Athlete Is Training for the 2022 Winter Olympics

West Chester resident Courtney Webb first rode a skeleton bobsled four years ago. Now, she’s hooked.

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I Learned How to Tie-Dye Clothes Using Avocados

Yes, avocados are good for more than just guac.