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wake up stroke 120 film poster
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A Penn Doctor Won Two Film Festival Awards for His Movie About Stroke

Directed by critical care doctor Renyu Liu, Wake Up Stroke 120 won Best Short Narrative Film and the Humanitarian Award at this year’s New York City International Film Festival.

cbd analog drug
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Philly Pharmacologists Are Developing a Promising Pain-Relieving CBD Analog Drug

Scientists from Temple’s Lewis Katz School of Medicine and local biopharma company Neuropathix are testing their compound, KLS-13019, which is intended to target chemotherapy-induced pain in cancer patients.

philly tech week cell gene therapy
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What We Learned at Philly Tech Week’s Cell and Gene Therapy Night

From why Philly is a great place to start a life sciences company to the ways the industry can be more inclusive, here’s what the experts had to say during this year’s virtual Philly Tech Week.

windmil therapeutics
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NextUp: The Philly Biotech Company Advancing Cancer Cell Therapy Through Bone Marrow

WindMIL Therapeutics is targeting marrow-infiltrating lymphocytes (MILs) to create a treatment to destroy cancer cells in patients, no matter their tumor type.

kids covid vaccines
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Everything You Need to Know About the Pfizer Vaccine and Kids, According to an Epidemiologist

The FDA is expected to expand emergency use of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine to adolescents as young as 12.

covid-19 breathalyzer
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Rutgers Engineers Are Developing a Breathalyzer Test for COVID-19

The fast-acting sensor is designed to identify the presence of SARS-CoV-2 from exhaled breath in 10 minutes.

immunome covid antibody cocktail
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Local Biopharma Company Immunome Is Developing an “Antibody Cocktail” to Fight COVID-19 Variants

Composed of three monoclonal antibodies, Immunome’s IMM-BCP-01 has demonstrated strong performance in preclinical testing.

comcast rise
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How Philly BIPOC-Owned Gyms Are Getting a Boost From Comcast During the Pandemic

The Comcast RISE program is focused on helping Philly-area small businesses hit hardest by the pandemic with free advertising, technology upgrades, and grants.

Hansjörg Wyss Wellness Center
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Now Open at Bok, a New Health Center for Philly’s Immigrant and Refugee Population

Run by Jefferson Health and SEAMAAC, the Hansjörg Wyss Wellness Center offers clinical care and social services to patients, regardless of their citizenship or health insurance status.

covid-19 evictions
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New Study Examines How Halting Evictions Helped Reduce the Spread of COVID-19 in Philly

Researchers modeled how the pandemic could have played out very differently in Philadelphia had evictions not been banned.

stix pregnancy
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Philly-Based Women’s Health Startup Stix Just Raised $3.5M in Seed Funding

The money will be used to expand Stix’s product line as well as grow their digital education platform.

carl june
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Penn Medicine’s Carl June Just Won Another $1M Award for His Breakthroughs in CAR T Cell Therapy

Immunotherapy trailblazer Carl June received the 2020 Sanford Lorraine Cross Award just months after being named a Dan David Prize Laureate.

Mineralys Therapeutics
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NextUp: The Radnor-Based Biopharma Company Developing a Hormone-Targeting Treatment for Hypertension

Mineralys Therapeutics just completed a $40 million Series A funding round, which will allow them to take their lead drug candidate MLS-101 into a Phase II proof-of-concept study.

vaccine clinic
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How a Pop-Up Clinic Is Working to Close Philly’s Vaccine Equity Gap

Here’s how Penn Medicine, Trinity Health, and community faith leaders collaborated on “operationalizing equity” around COVID-19 vaccine distribution.

strella biotechnology
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NextUp: The Philly Startup Using Biosensors to Combat Food Waste and Improve Supply Chains

Strella Biotechnology monitors an increase in ethylene production in fruit, signaling when produce needs to get to consumers before spoiling.